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Seafood in a Bag at The Boiler

[The Boiler - Esplanade ]

Hubby and I visited this new outlet of The Boiler at Esplanade to redeem the $100 voucher I won on their Instagram contest. Of course the voucher credit wasn’t enough, we topped up the difference in balance.
Stepping into the restaurant, the ambience was dim and furniture set up was simple, nothing fancy. Staff greeted us and bought us to our seats. We’ve been to their main outlet twice thus familiar with their menu.

We chose Boiler’s Duo Plus Bag ($89.00) in “The Works” sauce, together with Boiler’s Sampling Platter and House Salad. Ending our meal with refreshing fresh coconuts.

Seafood in Duo Plus Bag was fresh and the sauce works pretty well together. There’s mud crab, prawns, sausages, mussels, clams and corn. Savory sauce loaded with garlic bits, I wished I could suck up every drop of sauce in the bag. We tried their garlic butter sauce previously and preferred “The Works” after comparison.

The fish & chips in the platter tasty good too, the batter playe…

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