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Stairway to Sing and Dine Heaven

[7th Heaven KTV & Cafe]

Are you the next K-STAR or hoping to be one someday? It’s totally fine if you’re not because you can come to 7th Heaven KTV to sing it all out using your own style, at your own pace. This was a Paradise for people who loves singing, at the same time enjoying tummy-filling food. Look at the food varieties served here!
Situated inside SAFRA Tampines, I felt I found a hidden GEM! Environment suitable for family with kids, you could “jio” your whole kampung here. Spacious main hall together with KTV rooms that come in different sizes to cater your various group sizes and VIP room can take up to 30pax. Multiple promotions available, with packages that come with/without food. Check them out soon.

Talking about the wide food varieties they had here, we tried the Spam Fries ($10.90) that were topped with Parmesan. Salted Egg Wings ($12.90/ 8pcs) where deep fried mid-wings were drizzled with Homemade Salted Egg Sauce. I love the grainy texture of the sauce while not ov…

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