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Unforgettable Char Siew at One Bowl Restaurant

[One Bowl Restaurant & Bar]

Stepping into the nostalgic Sultan Hotel, lies One Bowl Restaurant & Bar just right infront of your eyes. The moment I walked into the restaurant, what catches my eyes first were the oriental soup spoons deco placed all over their wall. Secondly, their tree trunk table tops which were individually unique too and you would not find any duplicate piece. Wooo I love the ambience.

One Bowl started operations on 22 Nov 2017 which was pretty new to the market. Manned by Madam Tammie Loke, the ex-director of LTA, homemade recipes on the menu were mainly by her. She told us she started cooking long before LTA time and she loves to invite family and friends over for food thus we could see her passion in cooking. Although the menu wasn’t extensive but less means more.

We started our dinner without much delay and first came the Fried Mantou wrapped with One Bowl’s Signature char siew ($5.00/ 2pcs) ($12.00/ 6pcs). The Melt-in-the-Mouth char siew made us fell madly…

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