Envy Coffee

[Envy Coffee]
1 Fusionpolis Link #01-04
Nexus @ One North
Mon-Fri 7.30am-6pm

Cafe was quite hidden away in a corner at Nexus, quite unnoticeably. Its around 5-8mins walk from One North mrt station. The whole unit was quite spacious, with an estimate of 25 seats available. I went with my younger brother during lunchtime and the cafe is almost full.

We started off with ordering of our coffee. Followed by a Pesto Chicken sandwich, which we upgraded to set meal. I also redeemed a Sambal Prawn Paste chicken burger which I won in an Instagram contest and lastly, a slice of red velvet cake. The staff taking orders was rather slow and doesn't seems to know their menu well, probably a newly joined. By the way, all prices here are nett, no gst/service charge.

(1) Flat White $5
- Envy uses beans from Liberty Coffee. My flat white tastes smooth, chocolatey nutty and it's just the way I like it to be.

(2) Soup of the day $5.40
- Mushroom was Tuesday's soup of day choice. Warm, thick and creamy soup with loads of mushroom bits, it is a great starter to warm up my tummy.

(3) Pesto Chicken Sandwich $8.90
- Sandwiched between a ciabatta bread, there are greens, boiled chicken slice and pesto spread. Ciabatta was abit tough and chewy. Chicken is tender but portion was thin and pathetic (as you can see from my picture). Pesto spread did perk up the overall taste of the sandwich but really, i think amount of filling can be more generous for $8.90. Chips that came as side are not crispy too (lao-hong!!).

(4) Sambal Prawn Paste Chicken Burger $13.90
- Charcoal bun was used for this burger. Soft and fluffy describes the texture. Chicken thigh was tender but prawn paste taste wasn't really distinctive, can be heavier. And again, same as the previous sandwich, this stripe of meat was small enough to only occupy half the burger surface.
I did feedback to 1 of the owners and asked if he would consider increasing the portion of the meat as portion looks bad for a $13.90 but he brushed me off with answer like this "oh it's small? Oh ok...". And in order for myself to take a really nice photo of the burger for my Instagram, I even had to push the meat to the brim to get a great angle/view of it. Disappointed.

However, I noticed that Envy coffee don't have a proper kitchen doing the cooking. The hot food all comes out from microwave and toaster. That may also explains why the waffle fries they serve came out soft rather than crispy.

(5) Red Velvet Cake $6.80
- All the cakes at Envy are supplied from Bakery chef, none made in house. This red velvet cake texture was slight dry. The center cream cheese part was hard, texture like white chocolate block which you have just taken out from your fridge. Even the cream on top is harden. I can't be bothered to ask why after the unpleasant experiences with the 2 previous buns.

Verdict: Dining experience at Envy's was rather a disappointing one. Nice ambience but lacking in food quality. For the amount of food portions vs the price, I might not come visiting again. Thank god their coffee still works for me.


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