Holqa Cafe

[Holqa Cafe]

Situated at 37 East Coast Road, together with a lot other f & b competitors along the same stretch, lies a tiny weenie cafe, The Holqa. "Holqa" actually means "link" in Maltese language. The cafe is quite small and space rather limited but could still cater up to 20 guests.

My partner and I ordered coffee, eggs ben and redeemed a set of wings we won on Instagram contest.

(1) Flat white coffee $5
- Coffee tastes smooth down my throat, presenting me with chocolatey nutty aftertaste. I didn't asked about their beans supplies though.

(2) Bearnaise Eggs Benedict with Braised Asian Pulled Pork $15.90
- Two poached eggs were served on a toasted brioche, together with braised asian pull pork, sandwiched in between and greens on the side. Poached Eggs were nicely done, love it when the yolks flows. The bearnaise sauce was supposed to be spicy but I can't taste any spiciness. Braised asian pulled pork was tender but flavour not strong enough thus tasted a little bland. It will definitely taste better if meat were marinated longer. I also preferred my toast to be more buttery.

(3) SnS Ji $9.90
- Six deep fried mid wings coated with in-house special sweet and spicy sauce. The sauce was like a combi of malt candy (麦芽糖) mixed in with thai sweet chilli sauce which sticks on your teeth like glue. The overall taste was much sweeter rather than spicy. The peanut bits scattered on top of the wings gave them the extra crunch and also leaves a nice peanut fragrance aftertaste in our mouth.

Verdict: Overall experience at Holqa was a pleasant one. The young lads on duty were very polite and friendly too. Although food tastes average but it's still a nice place to chill at. I didn't try out any desserts this time round so I might pop by again the next time.


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