Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

[ Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant ]

Serenity was located at Vivocity, serving authentic traditional Spanish food in a spacious cosy unit at #01-98. Sitting quieting next to one of the mall's entrance, i don't see much activities inside for so many times I walked passed.

Visiting the restaurant the first time with a few other foodie friends, immediately I realize why the place was so quiet after looking through the menu. Per pax spending is min. $70. We were the only customers that weekday night.

Started off with appetizers, we ordered:

(A) Coles Salteado $18.80

- Sauteed Brussels sprouts with bacon bits. These greeny babes are fresh and really crunchy. The garlic and saltiness from bacon bits goes well the vegetable, making the natural bitterness of sprouts very minimal.

(B) Chipirones Fritos $18.80

- Fried calamari served with mayo dip. These deep fried creatures are not oily and great choice as a snack, especially when beer is available on the table.

(C) Pulpit A La Gallega $19.80

- Octopus slices drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled paprika powder. Initially before I eat it, I thought the meat will be hard and tough. But to my surprise, they were so tender! Yummy!

Followed by the mains, we ordered:

(A) Paella Valenciana $53

- Saffron, Chicken, Spanish Chorizo, Tiger prawns, Squid, Mussels and Bomba rice.

(B) Paella Seafood $58

- Saffron, Fish, Tiger prawns, Squid, Mussels and Bomba rice.
For both paella, bomba rice was shimmered till soft. Although so much seafood and meat were cooked together, the saffron infused bomba rice wasn't as tasty nor flavourful which we thought it would be. Only the chorizo gives us the additional flavour. It's kind of disappointing but luckily the seafood portion were generous and fresh. But dear future customers, to avoid the long wait, it's recommended to place order for these paella first as waiting time is at least 30-45mins

The highlight of today's meal is:

(C) Cochinillo Asado $338
- All of us were like "Wah Wah Wah" when this spanish suckling pig was served. Placed on a big wooden tray, this sexy pig was accompanied by roasted potatoes, brown sauce and cinnamon jam. As told by the floor manager, the pig was slow roast for more than 6 hours with many different types of spices, herbs and alcohol.

The climax was when the manager uses a ceramic plate to cut the suckling pig into smaller parts. The purpose of using the ceramic plate to cut was to indicate how crispy the crackling skin was. After the cutting ceremony, the ceramic plate was smashed in a wooden box to signifies chasing away the bad luck.

Time to dig in the meat! The skin was so crispy, you can hear the *crack* *crack* *crack* sound when we sink our teeth in it. Flesh was very tender and easily pull off from the bones without needing any strength. So juicy and savoury! Definitely worth the calories!

Come in a group as the whole pig can be shared among 6-8 persons, together with other dishes ordered.

Lastly, we had desserts to end the night:

(A) Churros $10

- 6 Golden cinnamon fingers served pippin hot with warm dark chocolate dip. Tastes cakey and nothing to brag about. It's the kind of dessert that you can do without.

Verdict: Overall experience here was pleasant. Staff were really attentive (Probably because we are the only customers) to our needs. Best dish was the suckling pig! But bill wise, the prices was too steep, not suitable for casual dining.


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