Tiann's Bakery

[Tiann's Bakery 甜]

71 Seng Poh Road
#01-35 Singapore

A month's old "take-away" bakery along Seng Poh road. The lady boss, Tse Tiann, her concept for this bakery is healthy. Food products are all gluten free. Cakes are free from refine sugar and savoury waffles infused with chia seeds in their batter mix. Some might find their items over-priced but think of those organic, no msg nor chemical ingredients Tiann's using, it's totally worth. Suitable for people controlling their diets or with certain food allergies. Menu are yet to be fixed but will be up soonest once the gourmet head chef from London is in.

What I tried:

(1) Roasted Squash Feta Savoury Waffle $9.60 (Half)

- Texture was Soft, fluffy and best of all, it's Gluten-free! Packed with Protein, definitely a Healthier choice for us! The pumpkin brings out the sweetness of the overall dish, the chia seeds & pine nuts gave it the extra crunch. Rocket amount was good, Feta cheese was too little which I wished there were more. I'm in love with this but If you love heavy stuff, then this is not for you.

(2) Mango Maple Cake $8.80

- Freshly made in-house everyday. Its gluten free & refine sugar free too. This fresh cream cake tastes light, fluffy and not overly sweet. Pastry chef is also generous in the amount of fresh mango cubes added in it. If you are a Japanese pastries person, this bakery suits you.

(3) White Coffee 5oz $5

- The blend is smooth, chocolatey nutty and not acidic. Tiann's bakery are using beans from The Nylon and another supplier (which I forgotten the name.. Oops). My coffee is from the latter though and I love the blend :) The barista, Fahmi, was really friendly too. He was working with Yahava previously.

Verdict: Overall experience was really good. The place was big & cosy. It was a waste though because Tiann's only do take-aways. Tse Tiann & her parents were really friendly & polite to all their customers. You'll  get that "feel like home" feelings. I will come back to try other savoury waffle choices and cakes. Good news that they're also selling their homemade gelato soon! Hooray!


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