Two Bakers

[Two Bakers]

Two Bakers cafe 
88 Horne Road

A pretty cosy place to chill at during weekdays as it wasn't really crowded. Location is quite accessible, its less than 10mins walk from Lavender Mrt or Farrer Park Mrt. Co-owned by two talented chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, who love to bake and explore new recipes, thus the name "Two Bakers" came about.

(1) Purple Gold Tart $7.80

- What's in it? Lavender infused chocolate ganache, caramel ganache, roasted almond bits and caramel tuile. The wedd of chocolate + caramel results in this very sweet tasting tart, best suits chocolate lovers (like me).  Almond bits didn't play much part because it was too little to provide with the additional crunch or nut fragrance. Tart shell was firm but teeth still manageable.

(2) Yuzu Summer Cake $9.80

- The Yuzu lemon yogurt mousse was smooth & creamy but tasted too zesty, sourish which i prefer to be less. The matcha sponge within is redundant as matcha taste was too weak and Yuzu taste was too overwhelming. 

(3) Halloween themed baked goods:

  (A) Greedy Val Cake $7.0

- The chocolate cake is very soft and moist. The cake itself wasn't too sweet, sweetness only comes from the vanilla buttercream. Love the melt-in-your-mouth Rasberry coated meringue.

  (B) Wicked John Cake $7.0

- The content of the Wicked John cake is exactly the same with the Greedy Val, except that it is drizzled with Rasberry glaze instead of chocolate.

(4) Halloween themed Macarons $3.50 per pc/ $12 for 4.

-Flavours are Yuzu, Rose, Matcha and Lavender Chocolate. I can honestly tell you I bought them because they looked pretty in Halloween costumes, it is the appearance that attracted me first. Taste wise, the flavours are quite distinctive and shells are crisp.

Verdict: Quite love this place because it is quiet in the afternoon and I could have proper chat with my friends without disturbance. Staff are very courteous and approachable. Taste of baked goods are definitely above average but my personal choice are their cakes. I think their cakes flare better compared to rest. They do serve coffee, snacks and mains. I will be back :)


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