Wee's Family Coffee Shop

[Wee's Family Coffee Shop]

This coffeeshop situated at Bedok reservoir road, block 117, is drawing quite a crowd recently. Especially after a group of popular bloggers came for food tasting, food photos went viral on social media platform, their business became very good. If you intend to come on weekends, remember to make reservations first. How did they fare? Let me walk you through with the dishes me and my friends ordered.

(1) Sweet Potato Leaves with Sambal $6
- A regular dish that I would order each time I had cze char. Wee's version didn't taste oomph. The sambal chilli used lack the dried shrimps fragrance and it's not spicy too.

(2) Handmade Prawn Rolls $8
- A delicacy made up of minced pork, prawns, water chestnuts, spring onions, carrots blend together and wrapped in bean curd skin. Well marinated and deep fried to golden brown, Wee's version wasn't oily at all. I love the water chestnuts inside which gave the whole dish the extra crunch.

(3) Salted Egg Prawn Balls $16
- Are you a salted egg person? I am! I love any dish with salted egg. These prawny babes are de-shelled and fried till crispy. Clothed in golden salted egg jackets, Wee's holds the "dry" version rather than those wet gravy type. Personal preference, the amount of salted egg can be more but this signature dish here at Wee's is definitely good enough to satisfied your salted egg cravings!

(4) Mushrooms w/ bean curd $12
- Soft and silky piece of bean curd accompanied by chinese mushrooms, bunapi shimeiji and deep fried enoki. This dish didn't cause any wow factor in me but it's a decent choice to order as most of you know that consuming mushrooms can improve our body immune systems and soy is an excellent choice of protein.

(5) Prawn Paste Chicken Wings $8
- Among all the dishes we ordered, I like this prawn paste chicken wings the most. Being another highlight here, the taste of prawn paste was really strong and prominent. The skin so flavorful, crispy and meat very juicy! If we wasn't visiting so many places that day, I think I could easily conquer at least 3-4 pieces!

Verdict: A great cze char place for good food with family and friends. Prices are reasonable and food portions are good. Easy accessible and there's also ample parking within this HDB premises. I will definitely revisit to try out other dishes.


  1. Food is overrated and expensive! We used to be loyal customers but not anymore when Milton Wee gave us an apologetic attitude today when we waited 40 minutes for a WRONG ORDER taken by the boss of this not very humble coffee shop. Worse still, he even demands that we pay for the price difference of the wrong order which he himself has taken?

    A successful ex business man should by the very least have a wee bit of EQ to manage his customers lah.... Sadly, this unapologetic man needs to brush up his service recovery skills and someone to teach him some humility as he sips his red wine (mai siaosiao ok? He owns a wine shop leh). There are similar bad reviews for their coffee shop Facebook page with some sharing that they will never patronise again. We wish Milton the very best!

    Thanks for spurring us to make time to write this review :) It's our first review on a F&B outlet, Milton would be very honoured!

    1. Oh gosh! Very sorry to hear that but my few encounters there were fine though although it's been many months back lah! My family like their food too. Taste is really subjective but you sounded more agitated on their service rendered instead. Thanks for highlighting anyway although I don't know the owners personally. You may wanna patronize others instead.


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