1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar. Cafe

[ 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro . Bar . Cafe ]

1 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207522

A partnership of 04 started this food venture along Jalan besar area around 6 months ago. Comprises of a married couple, Paul & Karen, whom specializes in providing domestic help/ maid services for the past 12 years and their 2 other friends. 

The whole unit was big and spacious. Area was divided into 02 sections, bar counter with tall tables and chairs occupies half the unit and dining takes up the other half. Bosses may want to create a cosy feel for all patrons by using yellow bulbs throughout the whole bistro, but resulted in causing the whole place to be quite dim at night. 

Our food:

(A) Crispy mid wings $10

- Snacks before the dinner starts. These wings are so crispy smacking good even after more than 10mins of photography. Great choice to go with beer.

(B) Black truffle egg pizza $23.80

- The appearance of this pizza already wins my heart when landed on the table, so pretty! Very instagrammable too. Taste? Very truffle. No need much description as truffle covers any taste. If you're a truffle person, loves truffle on any of your dishes, then this is your jackpot. 

(C) Aglio e olio pasta $16.80

- A common pasta dish found at most Italian restaurants but chefs at 1 Tyrwhitt bistro did a great job in their own version. Toss the al dente spaghetti with the broth, garlic and wild mushrooms all together, take a big mouthful of it and it's fireworks! Prawns are fresh and crunchy too.

(D) Meat lovers pizza $19.80

- To all non-beef takers out there, a piece of good news. This meat lovers pizza consist of 0% beef whereas those sold elsewhere usually consist of beef pepperoni. Ingredients used here are American pork pepperoni, ham, chicken, pork sausages and topped with mozzarella cheese. A very hearty piece of hand crafted pizza filled with generous meat portions & oozing cheese. Great choice for meat lovers indeed!

(E) Seafood Marinara pasta $17.80

- A bowl filled with generous servings of seafood such as squids, mussels, prawns, scallops and fish. Base was homemade tomato sauce but the overwhelming sourness of the sauce eventually covers all the natural sweetness of the seafood. What a pity. Linguine texture was soft too.

(F) Grilled salmon $20.80

- I'm not a fan of cooked salmon but this dish tastes decent to me. The lemon butter sauce highlighted the smell and taste of this grilled salmon with a little zest.

(G) Chicken chop $16.80

- Accompanied by sauteed mushrooms, whipped potato and savoury brown sauce that has hints of ginger. Meat was well marinated and tender. No wow factor but a decent choice for dinner.

(H) Pork chop $16.80

- Meat portion served was very thick and it was slightly undercooked in the center. Slow cooked with herbs and drizzled over with brown sauce. I only wish the meat could be least tough and done well.

(I) Cheese Lover Pizza $19.80

- A tasty hand tossed pizza . This Pizza consist of 05 types of cheese: Feta, Gorgonzola Blue Cheese, Scarmoza, Mozerrella & Taleggio. Pizza crust was so thin and blue cheese taste was very prominent. It's either you love it or hate it and I choose to LOVE IT.

(J) Carbonara Bacon Pasta $16.80

- This is my first time trying out carbonara with egg already blended in the sauce rather than exposing on top, didn't work out for me. The dish was too heavily creamed, I can only swallow half mouthful of it. As for the Bacon slices, they should have been done more crispy to enhance the flavour.

(K) Tiramisu $8.80


- Heavenly match of Espresso & rum. Heavily soaked in coffee ladyfingers were so soft and moist, presenting us the "melts in the mouth" texture. The baker who made this dessert sure is generous in the alcohol content, it nearly got me drunk.

(L) Panna Cotta $8.80

- Panna cotta was really jelly and smooth. Mixed Berries & rasberries coulis pairs well with the silky pudding, leaving the fruity aftertaste lingering in my mouth.

Verdict: Staff are very polite and attentive. Prices here are reasonable too. Strengths are in their pizzas. I will come back again to try out other pizza choices.


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