20F Specialty Coffeehouse

[20F Specialty Coffeehouse]

20 Foch Road
Singapore 209261

Conveniently situated next to the popular Cheng mun chee kee pig organ soup, newly opened 20F Specialty Coffeehouse was easily spotted. There were quite a crowd when I go on Deepavali. Love the traditional shophouse feel that the whole place projected, woody furniture and old skool fancy tiles. If you love natural air rather than indoor air-con spaces, there's alfresco area at the end of the shop for you to enjoy the sun.

As for my first visit here, I ordered the following items:

(1) Flat white $5

- Coffee beans are from Liberty coffee. This "Speakeasy" blend was medium bodied, with cocoa nutty aftertaste. It was slightly more intense than my usuals but I still appreciates it and finished till the last drop.

(2) Long Black $4.50

- Using the same blend as the white coffee but without the milk, taste is much stronger and robust. If you're a hardcore fan for black, try this. Nutty aftertaste was more distinctive too and definitely perk you up after a tiring workday.

(3) Nutella Layered Cake $5.50

- The sponge is very soft and fluffy. Together with Nutella spread in between, it's heavenly (at least for me lah)! My only complain is the outer layer of choco buttercream is too sweet but I still indulge all. I really cannot resist cakes!

(4) Ribeye Burger $24

- My partner's choice as I don't consume beef. This food item wasn't a recommended dish on the menu, recommended ones are mostly duck dishes. He was pleased with this dish I guess, as he emptied the whole plate, not a bit of anything left. His humble comments were: The brioche bun made inhouse was soft and slight chewy. Ribeye steak was done well with red wine marinades and cooked to the right notes. The ribeye stripes were best consume on its own so that you could enjoy the juiciness of meat on your palate. Lemon mayo did perk up some zesty touch but wasn't necessary. The side salad played an important role by balancing this sinful yet yummy meal.

Verdict: It's a great comfy place for a nice cuppa and feet rest. The bosses are really friendly and greet at every guest who stepped in. Service was top notch. Food was delicious. I will come back soon for other food on the menu. There were also other freshly baked pastries/ danishs on sale daily which I wanted to try too. Stay tuned.. I will be back :)


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