1 Fusionpolis Place
01-23/24 Galaxis
Singapore 138632

Situated in an environment with quite a number of offices around, you really can expect quite a crowd during lunchtime on weekdays. Two visits there and both days Breadyard was full house. 

Selling point of this place, good yummy bread made in-house and also affordable prices on their menu. Tried the following food items on 2 accounts:

(1) Pumpkin Soup $3

- Pumpkin soup is thick and creamy, tastes semi sweet and light. It comes with soft pumpkin chunks inside and croutons scattered on top. A great start before the mains.

(2) Mushroom Soup $3

- This creamy-rich soup is full of mushroom bits. Flavour tastes just right for me, not salty and made me feel comforting when consumed warm on a rainy day.

(3) House Salad $3

- A combination of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts. Drizzled with sesame dressing which doesn't seem to have existed. It's was bland, dry and definitely need dressing pump up!

(4) Bettino Platter $10

- A hearty all day breakfast platter with back bacon, honey baked ham, salad, choice of eggs on Breadyard's Hokkaido bread.

Highlight here is the Hokkaido bread used. Made inhouse with natural leaven and flour liquid roux. First bite and I'm in love with its texture, so soft like a pillow! Bacon was pan-fried to give that slight crisp on the edges whereas ham was served as it is. I chose scrambled egg for my set but it was slightly overdone thus abit hard.

(5) Smoked Chicken Sandwich $8 with added Side Salad for $2 

- Country bread used was on the dry side. Smoked chicken breast was rather tough and hard on my teeth. The french beans paired inside the sandwich wasn't a good idea too. Garlic butter and honey mustard dressing could be more, to perk up more flavour in the sandwich.

(6) Ham & Cheese Sandwich $7

- Honey baked ham, red apple slices, cheddar cheese, bechamel and honey mustard dressing on a slice of Hokkaido bread. A simple, light combi which you could easily make at home. I would suggest granny smiths instead of red apples slices used as the natural sourness can excite our tastebuds more. Luckily their soft and fluffy Hokkaido bread made in-house saved the day!

(7) Coffee $4

- Breadyard uses Sumatra blend from Brazil. Coffee was slight kicky and has a very mild fruity orange aftertaste.

Verdict: Dining experience at Breadyard was pleasant. Staff are attentive and friendly. Although not every food item was impressive but at least their price is competitive. A great lunch hangout place at Fusionpolis. If you're busy and in a rush, Breadyard does provides takeaways and deliveries to nearby offices too. 


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