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By invitation from Hyde & Co cafe, I'm here with a few girl friends to try out H&C's new dinner menu together with new desserts.

New dinner menu available now from every  Wednesday to Saturday, 6.30pm - 10.30pm.  Reservations are recommended.

(1) Drinks $7.50 each
   (a) Into the Woods - Iced berry tea with blends of ripe berries, hibiscus and rose hip. 
   (b) The Addams Family - Iced moroccan apple tea with fresh slices of granny smith and rim of glass coated with sugar. 
- Both were refreshing cooler drinks great for hot weather like Singapore. My opinions,  they're decent but I prefer "Into the Woods". The rim of sugar was too much for The Addams Family.

(2) Buffalo Wings $10.00

- For starters, we have chicken wings tossed in Chipotle BBQ sauce. This starter presents us with slight spiciness and a nice smoky jalapeño taste. Celery and carrot stripes on the side are accompanied by creamy homemade garlic aioli dip. A great finger food dish to start with before our mains.

(3) Assam Halibut $21.00

- We start off our mains with a fish dish. Recommended way of eating is to toss all ingredients together first before you eat as I tried tasting each seperately and it wasn't impressive. The halibut was fresh, soft but tasted bland. You have to compliment it with H&C homemade assam to get the flavour and to highlight, the sourish mild spicy assam was indeed gooOood.. Japanese soba was too soft and slippery for my liking, wish they were more firm. No surprises for this fish dish.

(4) Nasi Lemak Risotto $22.00

- A fusion yet familiar dish with great efforts behind. Risotto cooked in coconut cream and fresh coconut water, resulted in a more sweet than savory aftertaste. Risotto was grainy, al dente, more of the authentic style which italians would have prepared it. The deep fried leek slices together with the crispy ikan billis scattered around, adds more crunch to the overall dish. The yolk from the poached egg was too runny to be mentioned. Prawns cooked with H&C homemade sambal sauce were fresh, crunchy and blends very well with the sambal. If only the sambal can be more spicy, I believe it will bring up more punch. The infusion of lemongrass was also a great move as you could smell it along way while enjoying the dish. A great marriage between Asian & Italian cuisines.

(5) Beef Cheek Rendang $25.00

- This beef cheek rendang was the most pretty dish among all other mains. As told by the chef, this beef cheek rendang was slow-cooked for more than 4hours to achieve this tenderness of meat. It was flavourful and each bite is thoroughly immersed with the marinades. Sweet potato mash was nicely done with a smooth texture, not overly sweet and it disperses a buttery fragrance. The crostini laid on top not only beautified the whole dish, it's texture was really crispy and also made inhouse from scratch :)

(6) Truffle Mac & Cheese $18.00

- The overwhelming smell of truffle made my saliva drools way from H&C kitchen before this dish reaches our table. This truffle mac & cheese looked ordinary on appearance but tastes otherwise. From top, the torched panko gave an additional crisp to the cheese and I'm so loving the "chao ta" aftertaste in my mouth. The candied bacon bits were the source of saltiness, paired with the roasted mushrooms, this is savory!! Macaroni texture was good, not too soft or mushy. Put each different elements onto your spoon and gulp them down in a mouthful, it's da bomb! A very tummy-warming dish and also my most loved among all other dishes.

(7) All Star Tea Affogato $7.50 each

    (a) Millie - Comprises of Vintage Earl Grey tea, Orange zest and Vanilla bean ice cream. Smells good and tastes mild minty with strong citrus aftertaste. It's quite a refreshing choice.

    (b) Matilda - Comprises of Strawberry Ceylon tea, berry compote made inhouse and vanilla bean ice cream. Ceylon taste was very distinctive, with light fruity berries aftertaste, this is my no.2 love among all 4.

   (c) Charlie - Comprises of Chocolate meringue tea, salted chocolate drizzle made inhouse and vanilla bean ice cream. No wow factor for this selection, it's just simply taste like creamy chocolate milk.

   (d) Hamilton - My no.1 choice and I recommend you guys to try it. Comprises of spiced lapsang souchong, sesame segments and vanilla bean ice cream. This tea was heavy with strong smokey flavour, the dried chilli flakes gives you the additional punch along the way. This combi is something unique which I think you can't get it elsewhere but here at Hyde & Co.

(8) Christmas Gingerbread Waffle $14.00

- This creation was made from a gingerbread based waffle, topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in the center, paired together with caramelized apple slices, wine poached raisins and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. I can feel Christmas came early :)

Gingerbread waffle was very crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Cinnamon smell and taste was quite heavy, you could get it in every bite. Luckily, the salted caramel drizzle plays an important role by neutralizing the cinnamon taste in my mouth because I'm not a cinnamon person. If you are, this creation is made for you. The caramelized apple slices and raisins also brings up additional sweetness to this dessert dish and giving it more texture while biting. This Christmas waffle will be launched after 2nd of Dec so stay tuned!

(9) Coffee- Magic

- It's Hyde & Co first year anniversary and to celebrate the mark of this new milestone, new coffee blend, Magic, was introduced. Magic blend consists of beans from Brazil, Sumatra and Ethiopia. Heavier hazenut & chocolatey notes with slight berry sweetness aftertaste. This blend was more intense than their usual one and I'm loving this more. Come down to get your hands on it, no regrets definitely!!

[This was an invited tasting session]


  1. the gingerbread waffle though <3

  2. Didn't expect I would like it too bcos I quite "anti cinnamon"..


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