Sin Heng Kee Porridge

[Sin Heng Kee Porridge]

Blk 685 Hougang St 61
#01-150 Singapore

Sin Heng Kee porridge shop was my kind of comfort place whenever it rains or if I fall sick. Selling a variety of porridge, now they have extended their menu to have appetizers and claypot frogs. Sin Heng Kee gained popularity within a very short period and upgraded from a coffeeshop stall to a whole shop unit. It's long queue every time I patronize Sin Heng Kee, waiting for seats or takeaways can be a pain!! 

On my recent visit, I ordered:

(1) Preserved Egg with sliced ginger and garlic mash 姜葱蒜蓉皮蛋 $5

- An appetizer served chilled before my mains. A great new item introduced as the ginger and garlic mash did perk up my tastebuds and made me crave for more food.

(2) Claypot Ginger Onion Frog 砂煲姜葱田鸡 $8 (1pc)

- Frog meat was juicy and tender, tastes good especially with the gravy. Soya sauce gravy was on the sweet side although lotsa ginger was cooked with it but it still works for me, I even add them into my porridge.

If you are a big fan of frog, you could order bigger portions such as 2 or 3pcs of frogs at $15 and $22 respectively.

(3) Signature Porridge 招牌粥 $5

- Porridge filled with sliced Pork, meatballs, pork liver, intestines, preserved egg bits etc (can't remb the rest 😂).. Love the tenderness of the pork slices. Liver and intestines tastes fresh too, without the pork stench which I'm scare of. A bowl full of ingredients & definitely fulfilling meal on a cold day! 

(4) Meatball Porridge 肉脞粥 $3.50

- This bowl of porridge which looks rather bland on the appearance but taste tells you otherwise. Same as the signature porridge, the porridge was very flavourful on its own and the texture was really smooth. It tastes very homely, like the version which my mum will prepare for me using ikan bilis broth. The minced pork meatballs were also well marinated but slight salty for me. The sesame oil, fried shallots and spring onions shattered on top gives it an additional punch too.

Verdict: The porridge sold here has a certain good standards. Currently my favourite place for porridge and definitely will come back for more. I just simply won't get tired of their porridge after so many visits. Prices are affordable too for every household. But take note, patience is required as it's quite a long wait, especially at meal times.


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