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Icon Village 
16 Enggor Street
#01-09 S(079717)

It was a weekday when we visited The Quarters. The Quarters gave us the kind of warehouse feel, with Aluminium sheets laid as roofing. Grey concrete walls are accompanied by wooden table & chairs.

The Boss, Deming, tells us a lot about his Singapore Fusion food concept and his confidence to draw crowd with his food to the usual quiet icon village in Enggor street. His proud: Marinates, sauces, food, ice cream are all freshly made daily and made in-house.

What we had this evening:

Quarterade $6

- Made up of fresh lemon juice, mint & dill. This drink was very refreshing with minty aftertaste that lingers in our mouth for very long time. 

(1) Salted Egg Fries $9

- Normal skinny fries with salted egg dipping sauce. Sauce is thick & sandy, can taste the fine salted egg granules. Boss says his salted egg sauce was very popular among customers so he bottled them and put them on sale.

(2) Calamari $13.80

- Eating the fried squid alone is bland therefore must go with curry dipping sauce provided. Dip is thick, creamy but with only minimal hint of curry. It was pretty spicy, more like a chilli dip rather than curry dip.

(3) Har Cheong Gai $9.50

- Chicken was well marinated, flavourful and crispy. But the balachan chilli is the limelight here. Shiok and Fiery, goes really well with any other starters too.

(4) Umami babi $10.80

- Braised pork marinated with Chinese wine & dark soya sauce. I find the meat texture too dry, should have served with some gravy. As for the Man tou (buns), how I wish they were deep fried rather than steamed.

(5) Samsui Chic salad $12.80

- Salad dressing with mashed ginger wasn't strong enough to be named Samsui. Dressing can be heavier to bring up the punch. Chicken meat is bland. A rather flat salad dish. 

(1) Ma Jie indulgence (chili crab pasta) $18

- Chili crab taste wasn't distinctive enough, too much of heavy tomato base. Ends with sourish sweet aftertaste rather than Chilli crab flavour. Hopefully boss will fine-tune this dish.

(2) The Great escape $18.80

- Baramudi fish pan fried to a crispy finish on the skin. Fishy freshwater taste still lingers in the mouth probably because fish is only marinated with salt. To enjoy this dish better, fish & sauce definitely has to pair and eat together. Lemongrass, ginger flower cream sauce, very creamy with only little lemongrass/ ginger aftertaste. My suggestion? Has to be bolder.

(3) Satay burger

- As told by the boss, marinating ingredients were made from scratch & the meat was marinated for 24hrs to achieve the flavorful, spiced results. Grilled to perfection, this Satay chicken thigh is really tender. Love the crisp part of the rice patty, like tasty 锅巴. Satay sauce was filled with peanut bits but tastes slightly on the sweet side. 

(1) Wonderffle $12.80

- Lemongrass ice cream was really yum. Compared to the lemongrass sauce we had for the fish, this is bolder! Lemongrass taste was a lot stronger. The other Pandan ice cream not only smells good, but also tastes smooth and creamy. Love them both because not overly sweet. **Ice cream are all made inhouse oh!! Texture of Waffle is slight crisp outside & soft inside (Not my kind of waffle because I love very crispy ones) Probably we poured too much caramel sauce causing it to be overly sweet.

(2) Affogato $8.80- Pandan ice cream blends really well wif the espresso.

(3) Bibik's brownie $10.80

- This dessert was rather a surprise to me. "Buah Keluah" that is used in Peranakan dishes is now made into buah keluah ice cream. Rather unique & mind-blowing, good try!! Brownies tasted choco-licious & sinful. Love the slight crisp on the outer surface of the brownies too.

(4) Duriancanboleh $8.50

- The Quarter's signature dessert. Eggy, smooth texture but durian portion/ ratio can be more. Boss tells us, pair this dessert wif white wine, can actually bring out the fruity sweetness of the wine before & after having the brûlée.

Verdict: Food still needs fine-tuning but overall experience is decent. Prices are reasonable too. A great place for colleagues and friends gatherings. Location is very convenient, near Tanjong Pagar Mrt.

[This was an invited tasting session]


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