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Chicken up started their chicken journey in year 2010, introducing casual Korean dining to the world with modern fusion Korean cuisines. From their first outlet at Tanjong Pagar, now they have expanded to 07 branches islandwide, at Tampines, Jurong East, Buangkok, Bugis, Dover & Parkway Parade respectively.

It was my visit to Chicken Up and was at Parkway Parade branch. The restaurant itself was cosy, lit by dim yellow lights. Colour-painted wooden furniture were used throughout the whole space and i love the many bottles of preserved fruits on their cupboard display.

We went in a group of 13 and tried out the following 11 items.

(1) Pineapple Soju $30

- Comes in a whole pineapple, the presentation was pretty indeed! Fresh pineapple fruit was blended into juice, thereafter mixed in with half a bottle of Jinro soju and ice cubes. First sip was sweet, followed by slight bitterness and pineapple pulp at the end of my drink. My first unique experience with soju.

(2) Makguksu $12

- A big bowl of salad filled with cold buckwheat noodles, cabbage slaw, shredded carrots, cucumber, seaweed, sprinkled with lotsa sesame seeds and topped with a half hard boiled egg. You have to mix and toss everything together to get the best taste. Buckwheat noodles was quite al dente, firmness still there when bite and the shredded veggies gave us that additional crunch. Dressing was sourish, mild spicy, with elements of yellow mustard, Korea chilli and vinegar.

(3) Topokki with Cheese and Seafood $20

- A hearty bowl of soup filled with fresh seafood such as mussels, scallops, squids, prawns, together with Korean rice cake Topokki, glass noodles and shredded cheese. Although the gochu jang (chilli paste) used for this soup was spicy but due to the generosity of seafood portion given, you could still taste the seafood sweetness in the broth despite the spiciness. 
Topokki was very soft and chewy, I ate it with the melted cheese and it was yummy! Glass noodles was savoury too as they soaked up most of the soup.

(4) Ganjang Chicken Wings $12

- Per portion comes in 4pcs, served in a basket, this Ganjang chicken wings was Chicken Up's bestseller. These wings were big and juicy, deep fried till crispy then dipped in Chicken Up's special soya sauce blend. The soya sauce aroma was fragrant. Although the seasonings was slight salty for me but it's definitely a great choice to flush down with beer!

(5) Yangnyum Chicken Wings $12 {4pcs}

- Other than coated with Korean sweet chilli sauce, texture for these wings were no difference from the Ganjang's. Portion was the same too. The overall taste were more sweet than spicy, no wow factor, I've tasted better ones elsewhere.

(6) Bulgogi Fries $18

- A basket of crispy unsalted fries, covered with generous portion of thinly sliced beef, topped with mayonnaise dressing then sprinkled with spring onions and raw onion bits. This combination was delicious. Bulgogi were well marinated with soya sauce and cooked till perfection, they brighten up the lives of the plain fries.

(7) Kimchi Fries $18

- Femented Kimchi with fries didn't really work for me. I rather have them seperately. The taste was like having chinese fermented beancurd with potato. We have different opinions across the table so it's a either you "Love it" or "Hate it" snacks.

(8) Haemul Pajeon $18

- This plate of seafood pancake was one of my favourite dish for the night. It comes in 4 cut squares served with their secret recipe chilli sauce dip. With squid, shrimps, bell peppers, chives mixed with Korean batter mix plus beef seasonings, they were pan fried till crisp on the outside but remained soft moist texture inside. Each mouthful was filled with fragrance from the chives, crunch from the shrimps and mild spiciness from the chilli dip. The pancakes tasted good alone without sauce, I couldn't stop my fork from getting another piece. 

(9) Ugly Tang Stew $30

- "Army stew" I would call it, a small pot filled chicken broth, accompanied by pork belly, luncheon meat, sausages, topokki, baked beans, enoki, spring onions, noodle, macaroni, cheese slices and a ball of Korean chilli paste. A common yet tummy-warming dish, great to have it on a cold day. I quite like Chicken Up's version because it was more spicy, their chilli paste was good! This army stew portion wasn't very big, although it says for 2 pax but may not be enough if you guys were big eaters.

(10) Jabchae $14 

- Another of my love, this plate of glass noodles won over my heart. Stir-fried with carrots, chives in special blend of soya sauce plus beef seasonings, these glass noodles were so flavourful and springy. Looks ugly but tastes great. Never judge a dish by its colour! Hahahaha!

(11) Watermelon Soju Shell $38

- After all the heavy dishes, we ended our meal with this watermelon soju. So chilled and refreshing, with bits of watermelon flesh in it, I want MORE!

Verdict: A great place to chill at for after-work gatherings or birthdays, not really suitable for teenagers/ youngsters because it was too pricey for them to afford. Food quality was pretty good and majority portion great for sharing. Their strengths were in their special blend soya sauce and spicy chilli paste, I will come back for other dishes and bingsu when I have more budget on hand :)

Chicken Up
-Parkway Parade Branch-
#01-10 Parkway Parade Shopping Mall
80 Marine Parade Road
Singapore 449269
Tel: 63480460
More info at

( This was a hosted tasting session by Openrice Singapore. )


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