[Christmas at CreatureS]

Back here at CreatureS to try out some new items on their festive menu. When I stepped into this restaurant for the second time, I'm again immersed with their pretty painted walls and my eyes still captured by the whole nicely decorated space. Greeted by the friendly bosses and staff, me and my friend were then brought to the dining area on level 2.

We started off with the Christmas cocktails specially created for this upcoming festive holidays.

(1) Pink Lychee Sorbet Martini $15

- A very interesting cocktail where sorbet was served in alcohol. The pink lychee sorbet texture was so fine and tasty, I wish I could request a whole tub of it. Together with martini, it was so refreshing.

(2) Passionfruit Martini $15

- As told by Dennis (owner), egg white was added into this drink. Probably that explains why it was so smooth and creamy. Passionfruit juice added didn't cause any sourness at all. The chemistry between these elements made this drink turned out to taste like pomelo. It's brilliant!

(3) Honeydew Saketini $15

- Among all 3 cocktails, this was the least attractive. It tasted ordinary, like honeydew fruit juice with hint of alcohol. No wow factor in this one.

(4) Asian Spice Fries $12 

- A big bowl of crispy french fries tossed with curry and paprika powder. Westernized ingredients with Asian touch, a great choice of snacks to go with my drinks. Skip the tartar sauce, the fries were good on its own.

(5) At Rattanakosin $18

- Inspired by vacation at Thailand, this salad was zesty, slight spicy, with very fragrant lemongrass aroma and aftertaste. This taste will definitely bring you back to the sweet memories of Thailand. Other than the lovely colors, the glass noodles were firm and prawns very fresh. Cabbage and almond flakes also gave the extra crunch, together with the fragrant fried shallots, it's a great appetizer to start with.

(6) Creatures Laksa $24

- A generous portion of laksa filled with prawns, chicken thigh meat, fishcakes, quail eggs and tau pok. Gravy was whipped up with thick coconut milk and spices but it wasn't spicy at all. I would say "a kid's friendly" dish. You could mixed in the ball of chilli provided to get the spiciness raised. Lotsa mini onion cubes were cooked together in the laksa gravy instead of blending in together with the spices. I love the crunchiness of the onions each time i had the gravy. The thick gravy can get abit jelat after continuous consumption, I suggest Creatures to fine tune it. Mixture of yellow noodles and rice noodles were used instead of the usual rice noodles alone but yellow noodles got mushy after soaked in the gravy.

(7) Kong Bak Pau $22

- A homely dish I would call it, with pork belly and quail eggs braised in the dark soya sauce. Pork belly slices could be stew longer for more tenderness and "melt-in-the-mouth" effect. Best part was the skin and the soft fats, very springy/Q, I felt myself loaded with collagen. Chinese spices used for base gravy could increase also to get a more fragrant and distinctive aroma. Gravy would be nice to go with a bowl of rice too. Consume this dish straight after served, otherwise the lotus buns texture would be very hard when cold.

(8) Baby it's cold outside (Peppermint Mocha) $7

- An espresso with peppermint and hand grounded chocolate. Coffee was semi strong and smooth. The grounded chocolate  neutralizes the bitterness and the minty aftertaste made me felt very festive! 

(9) The Enchanted Forest $14/slice

- Derived from the Blackforest cake recipe, Creatures did some changes and created their own. Creatures' version was Kitsch mousse on top with chocolate sponge cake laid below, surrounded by pitted dark cherries and sprinkled with chocolate flakes. The mousse was very smooth and creamy, surprisingly not sweet and best consumed chilled. Be surprised with the small amount of lava jam flowing out when your fork reaches the center of this cake. A Christmas dessert that's definitely worth the calories.

(10) Creatures Chocolate Cake $18/slice

- Espresso Chocolate Sponge sprinkled with a pinch of Pink Himalaya Sea Salt, served with Coconut Ice Cream and Homemade Salted Caramel. The signature cake was really choco-licious, 70% bitter dark chocolate, heavy and dense, best pair with the coconut ice cream. Sea salt did its part by balancing the bitterness of the dark chocolate. As for the pool of homemade salted caramel, it was too sweet for my liking and I preferred to do without.

(11) Durian Cake $12/slice

- Pandan genoise sponge cake texture was very soft and fluffy. Sandwiched between 3 layers of sponge was the luscious sinful Mao shan wang durian fillings. Each mouthful you could still bite the real durian flesh, it's da bomb! If you're a durian lover, you must definitely go for this. Limited servings each day so grab it fast!

Verdict: This restaurant gave me a very comfortable and homely feel each time I stepped in. Both bosses Dennis & KK were so friendly they really make you feel at home. This cosy, beautifully furnished place made me dine at ease. Although the prices here wasn't very pocket-friendly but humans like us should indulge in good food once in awhile. The modern fusion dishes served here were pretty tasty and worth coming back for.

120 Desker Road
Tel: 6291 6996

Tues- Thurs & Sunday
From 12noon to 10.30pm

Fri- Sat
From 12noon to 11.30pm
(Monday closed)

Cash & Visa accepted


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