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Black and Ink cafe had become one of my frequent hangout place. I'm always here to try out new items on the menu. The boss, Roy, constantly introduced new pastries, new burgers choices and gelato flavours in his cafe. There bound to be at least one item here that wows you :)

What I tried on this latest visit:

(1) Masala Chicken set at $8.50 (croissant at +$1) (cheese at +$1)

- Boss Roy kept telling me how good this new sandwich was, strongly recommend me to try it and so I DID! First bite and I was already impressed. The croissant was very crispy, flaky and best of all it's super buttery! The usual combi was onion thyme with chicken masala but I upgraded it to croissant, definitely the right choice. Chicken thigh slices were tender, the masala meat sauce was really savoury. I request for cheese to be added and love the warm melting cheese moments! If you're not fond of chicken, Black & Ink also serves egg mayo sandwiches.

Other than cakes, lava muffins, danish and the sandwiches, Black and Ink now also invades the world of pies. Introducing us with flavours including lamb shank, beef rendang, wild mushrooms, bbq chicken and beef goulash. I gave the bbq chicken and beef rendang a try.

(2) Bbq Chicken Pie $6.50

- This lovely, light buttery crust pie comes in a rectangular shape. Every time I fork in, there's generous chunks of tender chicken cubes. Bbq sauce was sweet sourish with mild spicy peppery aftertaste. A decent choice.

(3) Beef Rendang $6.50

- Beef rendang, usually ate them at a Malay nasi padang stall, first time in a pie (IKR, I'm a mountain tortoise). The coconut milk aroma was fragrant. Juicy tender beef cubes were also cooked together with carrots, potatoes and chilli spices. Flavour was good but can be heavier. Spiciness level can increase too. 

Both pies were quite filling, suitable as a lunch meal for ladies.

(4) Dark Chocolate Lava Cake set $8.50

- First look at it didn't impress me because the plating was bad. But people always said "Don't judge a dessert by its appearance".. And true enough, the taste says it all. Thick, luscious dark chocolate slowly flows out of my lava when cut. So thick, It's a "throat choking" indulgence that chocolate lovers must definitely give it a shot. I paired mine with another scoop of banana peanut butter gelato (Top up $ because it comes with vanilla) and it's HEAVEN! It will never go wrong when chocolate, peanut butter and banana comes together. There were many other gelato choices available but do note that there will be additional charges.

(5) Pear Danish

- Small and petite, it would be a great choice for afternoon snacks with coffee or tea. Having slight crisp on the outside, danish fluffy and airy inside. Not only adults love it, the sweet candied pear fruit in the center would attract kids to love it too. If you're lucky, you could get their signature apple crumble danish too (runs out fast).

Verdict: A small but very nice place to chill at. Menu changes regularly so there's surprises every now and then. Cold brew, espresso cubes coming up too! Definitely a cafe that makes you feel at home and kept coming back for. Boss was too friendly to be missed and he love chatting with customers to share his life experiences. 

Black & Ink Cafe
168 Changi Road

Wednesday, Thursday & Sun
From 10 am to 7pm

Friday & Saturday
From 10am to 9pm

(Closed Every Monday & Tuesday)


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