East 8

[East 8]

Named after a street in New York City, East 8 New York Fusion Tapas + Bar land their feet in Singapore 3 years ago. Popular with lotsa their own cocktail creations, most of the customers here drinks. Heard news that they were ending their business so came to give our last support.

(1) Kimchi Apple Salad $15.00

- Rocket leaves given were too much, causing bitter aftertaste while kimchi apple cubes, cherry tomatoes & bacon paired together were pitifully little. The dressing served were too minimal to get the leaves soaked. Proportions of the ingredients wasn't right and I felt like eating a bowl of grass.

(2) Kimchi Potatoes $14.00

- I always loved roasted potatoes with skin on and glad this dish had it all. Roasted potato cubes, loads with kimchi, then covered with thick, melted triple cheese on top. So cheesy with tingling sourish moments from the kimchi, it was an interesting delicious combi.

(3) Yuzu Miso Scallops $16.00

- Scallops were very thinly sliced, drizzled with yuzu miso dressing and topped with salmon roe. Scallop was soft & slight mushy, texture improved with salmon roe popping inside our mouth. Yuzu zest wasn't distinctive but surprisingly the dressing ends with a liquor aftertaste (or izzit just me?).

(4) Wings n Kicks $13.00

- Chicken mid wings tossed in chilli lime lemongrass sauce. The crispy, zesty lemongrass infused skin was a to-die-for. A western dish infused with Thai elements, I like! Savoury & great with a beer or two.

(5) Molten Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Lava Cake $15.00

- A great marriage between two rich flavours, Peanut butter & dark chocolate. My love was to the slightly burnt sides (sticking to the pan), together with the center molten peanut butter and almond nuts, it was HEAVEN! French vanilla ice cream given was too small to mention, not even a full scoop and tasted too milky. Well, lava can do without this ice cream lah.

Verdict: Nice ambience for gatherings with friends or colleagues. Hidden in a dim cosy corner, it's definitely a great drinking place (too bad I don't drink). Food wise, pretty decent but yet to wow. Prices abit steep for the small portion tapas  meant for δΈ‹ι…’θœ but the great service rendered balances off bit of my heartpain-purse. Nevertheless, still sad to know that they are going into history as hotel is undergoing major renovation. Hope to see them again around soon.

East 8
Grand Park Hotel
10 Coleman Street
Tel: 6338 8289


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