Yum Cha 2016 Chinese New Year Takeaway Menu

[Yum Cha]

Dim sum has been 1 of the top food choice for most Singaporeans, especially restaurants that served very good delicious ones. Yum Cha came into our local market with teahouse concept from Year 2000 and was now one of the leading dim sum big players in Singapore. Main restaurant was at Chinatown, the other 2 outlets at "Serangoon garden country club" and changi "UeBizhub East" respectively. 

Dim sum delivery services were also available, under "Yum Cha Express", you could conveniently get your favourite dim sum right at your doorstep. Practicing "cook-tek" method to keep all delivery food warm and moist, you can still expect quality food even though they were"tabao"!

As lunar new year is approaching soon, Yum Cha restaurants will be launching their 2016 Chinese New Year (CNY) menus this week together with CNY takeaway menus. These festive menus available from 15th Jan 2016- 22nd Feb 2016. Good news for families whom like to stay indoors for their reunion dinner, beat the crowd and order Yum Cha takeaways. Great food options for CNY gatherings with friends too.

Some highlights of the takeaway dishes we tried were:

(1) Salmon Yu Sheng 
[$38+ sml / $68+ big]

- Just like any other "Lou Hei", Yum Cha's version was not much difference from the rest with common ingredients such fresh salmon fish slices, crunchy jellyfish, shredded carrot, radish, ginger, yam, pomelo etc. Highlight of this dish was Yum Cha homemade sour plum sauce used for tossing. Made with their secret recipe, this homemade sauce gave a sourish sweet aftertaste. Paired together with their fish sauce, both made the whole plate of Yu sheng very tasty and appetizing. If you're a very 年年有"鱼" person, you could add on more fish portions at only $12. HUAT ah!!
Rating 5/5

(2) Fried Crispy Chicken
[$40+ whole]

- Chicken was fried till golden brown color with slight crisp on the skin. I'm rather surprised that the meat texture was dry and tough even on the thigh part so I guessed the deep frying method dried out the meat. Marinades wasn't strong and flesh tastes rather bland, the only flavorful part was at the skin where the crispy garlic bits were scattered on top. You may want to dip the chicken in Yum cha's homemade sweet chillies sour plum sauce to bring more flavour to the meat. 
Rating 3/5

(3) BBQ Suckling Pig
[$220+ whole / $118+ half]

- Crackling skin of this suckling pig made me gave up on my diet plans and went for more portions. Meat was flavourful with fats evenly distributed throughout the whole pig. It wasn't oily at all. Dip with a little of the smokey sweet sauce provided and it was heavenly! Although "peng cai" was more commonly seen on the tables during CNY than a "suckling pig" but for a change, I suggest you order this suckling pig instead. Skin so crispy its definitely worth all the calories. 
Rating 5/5

(4) Braised Pig's Trotter with "Fatt Choy" 
[$38+ half leg]

- Pork trotter was slow-braised till really soft and tender. Meat falls off from bone easily without me using any strength. Chinese spices was not strong and I suggest flavour can be heavier. Fatt choy (black moss) used did not help in the taste, only being a traditional auspicious ingredient as people always said "fatt choy" sounds like "发财" in mandarin. Dried oysters would be a better option to improve the overall taste of this dish.  
My most love and also the best parts of this trotter were the jelly skin and tendons. They were so Q, packed with collagen and "melt-in-the-mouth"!
Rating 4/5

(5) Fried Rice with Chinese Sausages in Lotus leaf 
[$38+ whole]

- I'm quite disappointed with the inconsistency of this dish. Other than texture being dry, parts of the rice were undercooked. The other main, important ingredient "chinese sausages" were not much visible too because they were cut into micro cubes instead of slices which I felt the size was unnecessary. I totally could not taste their existence thus lack the aroma of preserved meat. Dried shrimps used were also very tiny although chef was generous to throw in a lot. 
Rating 1/5. Skip this.

Verdict: Overall taste and quality for most food items were satisfying, especially the suckling pig. As they were takeaways, of course we couldn't expect food to be the same as dine-in but prices were slightly steep as the above 5 items costs around $500 after taxes and CNY surcharge. 

Nevertheless, regardless of what food or which venue, I personally felt that the most important element of CNY was having the whole family gathered round, happily and healthy, to enjoy great meals together :)

Yum Cha Chinatown
#02-01 (off Temple Street)
Singapore 058479
Tel: 6372 1717

- Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Current Promotion: 20% early bird discount for "takeaway" Yu Sheng before 7th Feb 2016. For dine in customers, receive Yum Cha limited edition Ang bao packets when you spend $100 & above (while stock lasts). 
** Call early to make your reservations to avoid disappointment **

[ This is a hosted tasting session by Openrice Singapore ]


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