Montana Singapore

Montana Singapore

[New] Montana Brew Bar at POMO had changed their name to Montana Singapore and currently doing 3 different concepts under 1 roof:

(A) Montana (waffles)
(B) South bronx (burgers)
(C) Fabulous dough (donuts & milkshakes)

They now moved to a bigger shop space, with revamped new menu and improved recipes. Their sister arm, Nookie yogurt, on ground floor previously was forever gone. Currently occupied by their new South Bronx burger joint. Montana and Fabulous dough shares the same premises on level 2.

My foodie friends and I tried out their new cold brew, a few waffles and pastas. My opinions were:

(1) Yuzu-infused Coconut Cold Brew $6.50

- The cold brew smells really good with Yuzu fragrance but the zesty taste from Yuzu was too overpowering we almost can't taste the coffee. Blend was smooth but texture too diluted. Rating 2/5

(2) Jalapeño Mac & Cheese Waffles $12

- A version 3.0 of Mac & Cheese waffles was reborn! New with more macaroni mixed-in in the waffle mixture, making the entire waffle more filling than before. Love the spiciness from the jalapeño but overall lack exterior crispiness and it's too mushy inside. Rating 3.5/5

(3) Assam Crab Waffles $18

- A unique traditional meet modern fusion waffle. This spiced waffle was soft, chewy, and you could taste lemongrass bits in the dough. Chef was quite generous with the portion of crabmeat chunks scattered on top. Assam purée wasn't spicy probably because the sweetness from the canned pineapple cubes mellowed it down. Rating 3/5

(4) Bulgogi Beef Waffles $16

- Chef cleverly made Korean style waffles filled with rice, cabbage and kimchi to pair with the juicy bulgogi beef. Break the poached egg and trust me, the beef tasted more tender with the yolky flow. A clever twist compared to boring plain waffles we had elsewhere. Rating 3.5/5

(5) Truffle Egg Fettucine $16

- Al dente fettucine tossed in a pool of savoury cream sauce base. Love the generous amount of mushroom given and the mild lingering truffle smell whenever I fork up the pasta. Although the egg was slightly overdone but it's still my most loved dish for the night. Simple yet savoury. Rating 4.5/5

(6) Vodka Crab Penne $16

- Sourish tomato based pasta which I don't really fancy. Penne was indeed al dente but we totally can't taste any vodka in this dish. Crabmeat were minimal too. Skip this. 

*I do love Montana's new modern fusion ideas in cafe food but my personal view, there's definitely room for improvement. There's yet to be a dish where we really WOW nor remember after we leave the place.*

Montana Singapore
POMO Mall #02-25 
1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306

Mon-Thur 11am to 10pm
Fri 11am to 11pm
Sat-Sun 9am to 11pm

>>This is an invited tasting session.<<


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