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Grand Mandarina, formerly known as Grand Mandarin, used to be a chinese restaurant serving exquisite fine dining cuisines. But after 2 years of operations, a new management change was implemented and new blood joining Grand Mandarina.

Mr Benson Tong, also the popular man behind quite a number of F & B establishments, including the latest Captain K restaurant, was now their new CEO. Restaurant concept was changed from previously fine dining concept to a more family oriented restaurant. Motive? To let more families come by, gather here and enjoy great food at more affordable prices. Together with Chef Eric Yeo (formerly from Marina Mandarin), new dishes were created and restaurant menu was revamped. Customized menus can be arranged if you have special dietary needs, but with additional charges.

Now, let's walk through some of the popular  choices and new created dishes.

Firstly, each of us were served with an individual share of pickles. I was a little amazed as it was the first time I had pickled cherry tomatoes rather than achar or braised peanuts. 

(1) Pickled Cherry Tomatos and Plum

- Love the tangy sourish punch which burst out in my mouth when I pop in 1 tomato. Even the plum fruit was marinated till soft, flesh falls off seed easily. Rating 5/5

(2) Dim Sum

     [a] Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Diced Assorted Mushrooms and Vegetables in Black Pepper [S$4.80/3pcs]

- Juicy, chewy mushroom bits and cabbage wrapped in thin dumpling skin. A great choice for weight watchers and suitable for vegetarians too as the whole dish was meatless. Black pepper wasn't distinctive but the mushroom fragrance did made up for it! Rating 3/5

     [b] Crispy Rice Rolls filled with Shredded Smoked Duck and Bamboo Shoots [S$7.50/6pcs]

- I was quite fascinated with this "you tiao" (dough fritter) dim sum. Although silky soft rice rolls were wrapped around the you tiao ,the you tiao could still remain very crispy. Shredded smoke duck fillings were very flavorful and bamboo shoots gave the additional crunch. Overall taste was slightly salty so I suggest not to dip the you tiao in the light soya sauce provided. Rating 4/5

     [c] Pan Fried Bun with Minced Pork and Cabbage [S$5.00/3pcs]

- Compared to the other two dim sum dishes mentioned above, this was the least I liked. Bun dough was too thick and meat fillings were bland. Rating 2/5

(3) Roast Meat Platter [S$104.00]

     [a] Honey Glazed Bbq Pork Loin [S$18.00/portion] *Pictured 2 portions*

- Sweet caramelized exterior and tender meat texture, these char siew were "TO-DIE-FOR"!! Having balance of 50% meat + 50% fats on each slice, this perfect melt-in-mouth proportion made me go on for more slices! Rating 5/5

     [b] Crispy Roast Pork Belly [S$18.00/portion] *Pictured 2 portions*

- Jennifer's rule for roast pork belly "skin must be crackling" and indeed, the chef did it! Thin, crackling skin with belly well marinated. Consume it with mustard provided to give it an extra tangy touch. Rating 4/5

     [c] Roasted Duck in Summer Truffle Sauce [S$32.00/portion]

- Usually for roast duck, I will go for the drum part, as meat would be more juicy, what about you? Well executed roast duck with crisp skin, fragrant and meat succulent. A pity when the truffle sauce  beneath the duck meat was not distinctive of truffle taste, I totally don't taste it, otherwise it would be an interesting marriage between the two. Rating 4/5

(4) New Dish- Deep Fried Chilean Seabass with Crispy Fish Skin served with Egg White Crumble and Golden Broth [S$26.00/pax]

- Such a beautifully plated dish, by just looking at it, I'm already impressed. Chilean seabass fillet deep fried till crispy on all sides and placed on top of egg white together with golden broth. This golden broth made from red carrots was creamy, the sweetness brings the rather bland fish to life. Fish meat was firm yet texture really fine. As for the crispy fish skin and edible flower, although not necessary but they did good to make whole dish looks prettier. Rating 3/5

(5) New Dish- Steamed Wild Yam in Imperial Sauce [S$12.00/portion] *Pictured 1/3 portion*

- I love the crunchy texture with natural sweetness from these Wild Yam (淮山) slices. They may looked plain but tasted yummy on its own. Imperial sauce beneath resembles shanghai style soya sauce, with vinegar and chili buddies added, to give us slight tangy spicy aftertaste. This dish was served chill, it's great as an appetizer and also as a main. Rating 4/5

(6) New Dish- King Prawn, Silken Longevity noodles served in Coconut Crustacean Broth [S$26/pax] 

- Using whole coconut to make double-boiled soup was the common dish you see in Chinese restaurants. But using it to cook prawn noodles "hei mee", this was my first encounter. I wasn't expecting much when it was served but one sip of the soup, you know you're in HEAVEN! This thick flavourful prawn soup filled with all the crustaceans goodness together with fresh coconut juice, so sweet, my throat nearly choke on it!! The noodle texture was soft and silky, with the goodness of the soup all soaked within, I suggest you guys to consume them quick to avoid noodles being soggy. As for the jumbo prawn, it was more of a "配角" compared to the soup but it's really firm and fresh! Rating 5/5

(7) Special Dessert- [ 雪中送炭 ] 

A dessert made specially for us by Head Chef Eric Yeo. D24 Durian Pengat in Charcoal sesame ball crust, paired with red bean paste and coconut ice cream. It was like 2 different desserts served on the same plate but my eyes were only on the durian. Love the chewy charcoal crust with fleshy d24 durian and the colorful fruity dollops on the plate. Generous of the Chef to put so much gold flakes on the durian pengat. Red bean paste with coconut ice cream was decent too but abit tad common. Rating 4/5

** A great lunch experience at Grand Mandarina with calories well spent. It would be a suitable place for gathering and celebrations especially when current new pricings were more pocket-friendly. Food were definitely up to high standards and staff pretty attentive. Private rooms/ sections available too upon request. So hurry down here to try out the food for yourselves! **

Grand Mandarina
🚩 325 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088760
Tel: 62223355

Opens daily from 11.30am to 2.30pm (lunch)/ 6.30pm to 10pm (dinner).

[This was a hosted tasting session]


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