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Carol Mel Cafe, started 1.5 years ago in year 2014, was situated along a high competitive stretch of f & b shops at Tai Seng. Initially started off with 2 sisters, Caroline and Mel, but now Mel had left to pursue her own dreams elsewhere. 

Each day Carol Mel Cafe facing great competition because of their neighbours, so what made them special and how do they distinctive themselves with others? After my visit at the cafe, I concluded its their good service, positive attitude to accept negative comments and good food at reasonable prices. Carol Mel had also introduced new dishes to their dinner menu and Im in love with their desserts most. Food were mainly prepared by Chef Andy and pastries by owner, Carol, herself. 

For starters, we had:

1• Smoked Duck Carpaccio (S$13.00)

- Smoked duck, athough it's commonly seen or conveniently sold at supermarts, I still love them as a starter or meat protein in my salad. Carol Mel handled theirs by doing  honey-glazed version, topped with mixed herbs and fresh greens. The marriage between sweet and savory was so yum, especially the slight charred edges around the layers of duck fats. Rating 5/5

2• Fusion French Mushroom Soup (S$12.00)

- If you think this was just your ordinary bowl of mushroom soup, you're wrong! Power packed with 5 types of mushroom bits: Portobello, Button, Shimeji, Bunapi and Oyster mushrooms, it had all the vitamins and iron your body needs. Scoop deeper and you will find an onsen egg hidden in this pond of fungus *Wow*. Initially I thought the egg will thicken this watery soup when break but it did not. French cream, bonito flakes and herbs scattered on top did improve the savory taste when mixed. Rating 3/5

3• United French Onion Soup (S$12.00)

- As I don't consume beef, that's why I skipped this dish. Chef told us that the soup comprises of beef extracts. Nevertheless, look at the ooOozy goozi cheese! 

4• Classic Carbonara (S$15.00)

- Carbonara, a common pasta dish in cheese cream base, was one of the top selling item in Carol Mel. Although Edamame was added in their version for an additional crunch, but still the spaghetti was abit soft for my liking. I preferred al dente ones. The overall dish would also taste better if the streaky bacon were pan-fried or caramelized before mixing in, to give that extra crisp texture. Rating 3/5

5• French Confit Du Canard (S$18.00)

- Crispy duck skin was my favorite part. Meat was firm but not tough, goes really well with the "black sauce" provided. The chef named the black sauce "Prince sauce" and it tasted really appetizing with hints of red wine and orange citrus finish. The sauce definitely up the taste of the ducky! Rating 4/5

6• Signature Italian Braised Lamb Shank (S$26.00)

- 12 hours of preparation and slow braised to obtain this yummy, flavorful piece of lamb shank. Every bite you could taste the marinates fully absorbed in the flesh. The meat was really tender, falls-off-bone easily and the best part was; it didn't had that gamey 羊骚味. The aglio olio lying behind was delicious too. I love the al dente texture of the pasta and the garlicky after taste. Rating 5/5

7• Signature Whimsical Waffle (S$16.00)

- All of us at the table WOW when whimsical was served to us. All the elements on top made this dessert so pretty, we really can't bear to cut it at first. Waffle was topped with a scoop of salted caramel gelato, fresh fruits, torched marshmallows, cookie soil crumbles and drizzled with maple sauce. For the first time I saw kiwiberries, fresh figs on waffles! Yum yum! As for the waffle, texture was crispy on the outside but slight doughy on the inside. If you love buttermilk waffle, you definitely gotta try this.
- There's something else I want to highlight. There's melted sharp cheddar cheese on top of the banana slices. Chef Andy said he love cheese a lot therefore tried out something bold in his food. These cheesy banana slices tasted unique to me yet weird at the same time. But overall, I still love this waffle creation. Rating 4/5

8• Carol Mel's Deconstructed Banana Split (S$15.00)

- I love this interesting way of enjoying my banana split dessert! The banana fritters were so good!! Crispy, cheesy on the outside and warm inside, together with the cold gelato, it's da bomb! Keep the fried bananas coming please! 😋 Rating 5/5

9• Creme Brûlée (S$5.00)

- Last item to end our dinner. Creme brûlée was thick and creamy yet texture wasn't smooth enough. But I still love how the brittle caramelized top interact with this eggy chilled dessert. Rating 3/5

Nicely executed new dishes with passion and creativity. Although I felt desserts flare better than cooked food items but I will come back for that yummy lamb shank. Pastries were definitely up to standard as Carol came from hotel patisserie background. Cosy and non-noisy environment could let customers enjoy food in peace too! Do pay them a visit if you're near Tai Seng area, your visit won't be disappointed :)

🚩Carol Mel Cafe
1 Irving Place
Unit 01-30 The Commerze @ Irving
+65 6635 5755

Mon to Thurs 11am - 8pm
Fri to Sat 11am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 4pm


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