Mother's Day Dim Sum Specials at Yum Cha

[ Mother's Day Dim Sum Specials at Yum Cha ]

This year's Mother's Day falls on 8 May, have you made any plans yet? Yum Cha, one of our local biggest dim sum player, came up with new Dim Sum items specially for this upcoming Mother's Day. 

These specialty items, namely:
[1] Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Green Bun 梅菜扣肉包
[2] Almond Tarts 杏仁挞
[3] Minced Pork Bun with Salted Fish 咸鱼猪肉包; were available from now till 14th May 2016.

The purpose of presenting these nostalgic items was to bring back some good old memories of food from our parents era.

[1] Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Green Bun 梅菜扣肉包 ($2ea)

- Peeled open this bun and found myself a fatty slice of pork belly. There was more fats then meat, thus the achieved tenderness. Personally loved fats but it may not be a healthy choice for seniors. Pork belly was well marinated but preserved mustard green very bland to get any distinctive taste. *Rating: 3/5*

[2] Almond Tarts 杏仁挞 ($3.20/ 3pcs)

- Tarts' center fillings were really power packed with strong almond taste and could be overpowering if you had more than one. Fillings texture was soft like tofu but I love the crust part more as it was crispy and flaky. With a choice of having them hot or chilled, I chose the hot ones as I felt it brings out the flavour better. *Rating: 4/5*

[3] Pan -fried Salted Fish Bun 咸鱼猪肉包 ($5.00/3pcs)

- Compared to the steamed 梅菜扣肉包, these pan fried ones flared better. Overall taste was good, with salted fish fragrance in each bite but flavour could be stronger. I believed more salted fish input will do the trick. *Rating: 4/5*

Other than these above mentioned specialty dim sum, we also had some of their usual signature dim sum selections together with mains from their dinner menu. The mains we had were all in large portions, suitable for 10pax.

[4] Steamed Prawn Paste with Fish Maw ($4.80/ 3pcs)

- The prawn paste were really fresh, firm with a little crunch from the prawn bits. Fish maw below the paste were steamed till soft and almost melt in the mouth. The accompanying golden gravy was flavorful with hints of sweetness too. *Rating: 5/5*

[5] Crispy Fried Tofu 七味脆皮豆腐
(Regular$16 M$24 L$32)

- Tofu, a very common ingredient on the table, was well executed and made into a unique dish here at Yum Cha. The highlights here were the 7 different elements used to make the orangey powder scattered on top of the tofu. Other than the obvious ones such as sesame and paprika powder, the rest of them were deemed secrets by the chef. Tofu were deep fried till very crispy batter, together with the secret powder, it gave off a unique taste combination of sweet, salty and the least spiciness. I love this but not its $32 price tag! *Rating 5/5*

[6] Stir-fried Beef w/ Black Pepper 铁板黑椒爆牛柳
(Regular$23 M$34 L$46)

- As i don't consume beef, I could not give my comments for this dish. Appearance looked appealing, don't you think so? :)

[7] Salted Egg Prawns 沙翠葱片咸蛋虾
(Regular$23 M$34 L$46)

- I was really exciting when I was told Yum Cha version of salted egg prawns were very different from those cze char stalls. But after served, I was disappointed. Not only the shells had no salted egg taste, the prawns' flesh were dry also after the deep frying. The consoling parts were the pretty plating and the stir-fried onion slices placed in the center of bowl as they were the only part of the whole dish coated with salted egg bits. A controversial dish indeed. *Rating 1/5*

[8] Stir-fried Mee Sua w/ Assorted Seafood 海鲜桂花炒面线
(Regular$14 M$22 L$30)

- Wowwww! The big amount of seafood made your saliva drool, right? A nicely done noodle dish with the "wok hei" aftertaste. Everyone on the table enjoyed this mee sua, especially with the generous seafood. If this dish could be a little less oily, it would be perfect! *Rating 4/5*

** It was an enjoyable night at Yum Cha's. Dim sum standard was good and reasonably priced. There's hits and misses for the taste of mains, high price tags but still, they were enjoyable. Staff attending to us were definitely with great service and positive attitude. Yum Cha main branch at Chinatown can accommodate  more than 150pax! If you have yet to find a venue to celebrate Mother's Day and budget wasn't an issue, you could consider going to Yum Cha. **

🚩 Yum Cha Chinatown
20 Trengganu Street
Unit 02-01 (off Temple Street)
Singapore 058479
Tel: 6372 1717

- Monday to Friday
From 11am to 11pm
- Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
From 9am to 11pm

[This was an invited tasting session by Yum Cha. Thank you for hosting. ]


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