A Homegrown Brand In My Heart [Yu Kee Duck Rice]

[Yu Kee Duck Rice (友记家传鸭饭) ]

Yu Kee Duck Rice: An established brand which have been existing in our local market since 30years ago. Although I can't say I grow up with Yu Kee but my very first encounter with Yu Kee was when I moved into my new house at Punggol more than 10 years ago. Back then, Yu Kee had a stall in the coffeeshop just down my block. 

I could still remember how I love their well marinated duck meat which were really tender, especially with the thick savory duck gravy. The sambal chilli they offered, with silver fish mixed in in their recipe, was good too! Not forgetting to mention the soup that Yu Kee serving also. It was fragrant with lotsa herbal infusion, every mouthful I took I felt energized. Overall price for individual sets were reasonable too, affordable for every household.

A pity the stall moved away when coffeeshop decided to do a facelift but fear not, I could still settle my braised duck cravings at Waterway Point shopping mall which was only 10mins away from my house and sengkang hood have Yu Kee too! It's so convenient now because Yu Kee was almost everywhere in our heartland which I felt lucky as I could still enjoy my latest love, braised duck kway teow, conveniently :) 

📍 Yu Kee Duck Rice (友记家传鸭饭)
Waterway Point (West Wing)
83 Punggol Central
Level 2, Koufu Foodcourt
Unit 02-20/21
Singapore 828761

** More detailed info on Yu Kee website


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