KATTO: A Healthier Choice Sashimi Rice Box


KATTO, which means "cut" in Japanese, was started up by two brothers. Together with a bunch of good friends of theirs, coming together to bring us quality food which they specialized in; Sashimi. Having family in fresh food trading industry, all the sashimi you see at KATTO were self-sourced and self-imported. That was why KATTO promised to serve only the top quality, freshest cuts.

Apart from serving premium fish, the rice they used were from Hokkaido. Premium Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice that's milled in Singapore to keep the freshness. Together with 18 other grains mixed in, steamed in dashi broth, their version of white/brown rice definitely bring your palate to another level. You could choose cabbage base too, if you're not a carbo loading person.

How does this Sashimi ricebox works? For $12.90, you could order 2 mains of 140gm, 2 sides and a base of 250gm grains/salad. Mains were definitely the different varieties of sashimi. As for sides, there were edamame, pickled mushrooms, seaweed salad, miso buttered baby corns, tomatoes, pickled radish, cucumbers etc.

My first box was with California Unrolled, Creamy Goma Tuna, paired with 2 sides of Seaweed Salad and Mushroon on top of a mixture of white and brown rice.

[1] California Unrolled (Salmon)

It felt like having a California hand roll the "naked" "undressed" version. I love how creamy this combination was. The sauce was umami. Every bite was filled with generous seafood goodness from the fresh salmon cubes and kani sticks. The crunchiness from the cucumber and the popping of roe in my mouth made every mouthful delightful! Nomnomnom..

[2] Goma Tuna

Fresh Tuna cubes soaked in this rich, sesame flavour. The goma dressing was so fragrant! With toasted almonds and sesame seeds mixed in the sauce, so good, you wouldn't want to waste a single drop of it. As the base rice was a little dry, this dressing worked really well to make the grainy rice softer too. 

[a] Seaweed Salad

- Seaweed were indeed crunchy but tasted too bland for me. Although seaweed was rich in minerals and helps in maintaining collagen in our skin, but if they don't do something to the taste, I guessed I would give it amiss on my next visit.

[b] Pickled Mushrooms

- Mushrooms, fungus with good source of selenium (antioxidant mineral) and protein, eating more do no harm :) And by chewing these sourish tangy mushrooms, it gave me more appetite to consume more KATTO as the vinegar clears my palate. I liked this choice of side. 

On my 2nd visit to KATTO, I've chosen Chicken Rice Chilli and Classic Shoyu for my rice box.

[3] Chicken Rice Chilli (Salmon)

- A twist of asian touch I would call this and KATTO team was really bold to make this flavour. Like how it was named, it tasted just  like our usual chicken rice chilli but with salmon cubes rather than chicken. The seasoning and spiciness wasn't too overwhelming to shadow away the glory of the fresh salmon so it was a rather interesting choice which eventually worked for me.

[4] Classic Shoyu (Salmon)

- Among all 4 types of sashimi which I tried, this was the most common yet safest choice. Sashimi with shoyu, a classic way of eating, this combi will never go wrong. It was light weight, but the crispy seaweed bits and sesame seeds mixed in did made the overall taste tasted better.

[a] Miso Buttered Baby Corns

- Lightly grilled on the surface, these baby corns were still crunchy when bite. They tasted buttery while sweet on the inside. They went really well with the chicken rice chilli salmon sashimi.

[b] Pickled Mushrooms

- This was my second time choosing mushrooms as one of the sides. I still love it.

If you have a smaller tummy space, mini boxes were available too at $7.90 each. For a mini box, you could get 70gm sashimi, 1 side on a 250gm grains/salad base.

** Dining experience at KATTO was enjoyable. My tummy was happy :) For $12.90, the portion was definitely sufficient for lunch and most importantly, a healthier choice compared to fried kway teow or roast meat rice :) 

I find the sashimi flavours bold yet unique. Kinda love these fusion combi that KATTO provides now and awaiting to see new flavours soon! I'm hoping for my onsen egg or maybe teriyaki chicken on the menu soon 😋 **

1 Fusionpolis Place
Unit 01-21/22 
Galaxis@ One North
Singapore 138522
Mon to Fri 11am - 8pm
Sat 11am - 2pm


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