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Originated from USA, Wingzone was started by 2 men, Matt Friedman and Adam Scott. They came by developing this recipe of buffalo wings in year 1991, all because of Florida university students. At that time, pizza delivery was the only food for students studying late, which gave Matt and Adam an opportunity to provide an alternate choice to these students' boring pizza life. These buffalo wings recipes successfully conquered the hearts of USA and by year 2009, Wingzone went on their way to Global expansion.

Currently in Singapore, there's two Wingzone outlet. One situated in Bugis Plus shopping mall and the other newly set up store at Buangkok. I chanced upon Bugis outlet while shopping with my friends and we decided to give it a shot.

Wingzone menu was quite extensive, from their signature buffalo wings to drumsticks, hand-breaded tenders, burgers, salads, sides and desserts. As for choice of flavours for the meat, there were 15. We chose cool ranch, honey, buffalo bliss, garlic parm and thai chili. We ordered the buffalo wings set meals instead of ala carte, which came with side wedges fries and a drink at $10.95 per set. There's also option to top up additional $0.50 for Wingzone signature dips and dry rubs for the wedges. We added blue cheese dip and blackened voodoo rub. Lastly, cheese lovers like us couldn't leave the counter without ordering mozzarella sticks!

[1] Buffalo Wings (ala-carte $7.95)

[a] Cool ranch 

- Naked wings tossed with spices and herbs. Crispy skin but was a little salty. Most votes went to this flavour.

[b] Honey

- This flavour brought out a smokey taste unlike what the name describes. It wasn't sweet like honey but more on the bbq side.

[c] Buffalo Bliss

- These 3rd flavour we tried was sourish. The tangy aftertaste resembles tabasco. Not a crowd pleaser..

[d] Garlic parm

-  This flavour ranked my 2nd choice apart from the cool ranch wings. They tasted very garlicky, although slight salty but I still love them!

[e] Thai chili

- There wasn't any wow factor for this flavour. Too sweet, simply the common Thai chilli that we could get bottles from supermarts.

[2] Wedges Fries

- We had both the original wedges fries (2nd pic) and also the blackened voodoo seasonings (1st pic). Original ones were still the best! Voodoo tasted weird with spices that my tongue couldn't accept. Hahaha.. I guessed that's the reason behind how it was named! 

Not forgetting to mention these wedges fries comes in crinkled shapes. I do agree with my fellow foodies that these shapes did improve the biting texture of fries in our mouth.

[3] Mozzerella Sticks

- Anything with cheese usually won't go wrong because we all love cheese! Although Mozzerella sticks were commonly sold in any western F & B but we still love them. Eat them when hot to enjoy the gooey cheese within :)

** Although Wingzone uses fresh chicken wings instead of frozen ones, but I find the size too skinny. I still prefer big fat wings. Taste wise, the 5 flavours that we tried didn't pretty impressed me much. Nevertheless, I might come back for other flavours if I'm in this area. **

📍 Wingzone (Singapore)
201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ Level 4
Singapore 188067
Open daily 11am - 10pm


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