New Menu at Montana Singapore

[Montana Singapore]

Montana had recently revamped their menu and came up with quite a number of  new dishes, including freak cakes. The area on ground floor which was once occupied by South Bronx burgers, is now converted into a drinking bar too.

Were the new dishes impressive? Its for me and my foodie gang to find out. We started off with our coffee as usual and patiently waited for the new dishes to be served.

[1] Montana Bangers & Mash $18.00

- Potato foam with century eggs was interesting and had a smoky, sourish aftertaste. Foam was very smooth, like a dip but I still preferred something with a bite. It's a love or hate thing..

[2] Miso Brown Butter Linguine $15.80

- Linguine texture was perfect, al dente. Overall this dish was like carbonara, very creamy but the creaminess was slight heavy for me. Miso wasn't distinctive which was a pity, punch wasn't there.

[3] Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle $16.50

- This was definitely not your usual chicken meal. Marinated with five spices, it was so fragrant and skin fried till super crispy. Meat juices were locked within, giving us very juicy and tender flesh. The ginger-plum dipping sauce that came with it was also a hit among all of us too. Great with the chicken but BEST for waffle dipping!
Ying told us the much efforts to prepare this dish. Most importantly, chicken after soaked in oil and kept in a zipped bag, they were dropped in water bath instead of traditional confit cooking way because traditional way dries out the chicken flesh.

[4] Crab Burger with Yuzu Coleslaw $24.00

- Among all the new dishes I tried, I love this burger most. Crab patty was savoury, firm and meaty. Uniquely it had otah aftertaste!! A very different experience indeed with crab plus otah. Even the bun tasted good! Yum yum.. Not forgetting to mention, the yuzu coleslaw inside the burger which paired so well with the seafood. Generous portion of thick, fat fries were served on the side.

[5] Coffee Kaya Coconut Freak Cake $14.80

- The pretty outlook reminds me of childhood and ya kun kaya toast but 甜在脸上,苦在心里. As the kaya frosting was too sweet for me, the bitter sponge cake neutralized the overall sweetness and made this combi perfect. Try it out with the grated coconut shavings too as the coconutty fragrance will filled up your whole mouth. Great for sharing, folks!

[6] Smoky Nutella Freak Cake $14.80

- Compare with the other Coffee Kaya Coconut freak cake that we had, I love this creation more. The chocolate wasn't too jelat, probably because the Nutella lapsong souchong (black tea) buttercream neutralizes the overall sweetness. The glaze was also dark chocolate. Nutella sponge cake texture was softer and fluffier too. If I wasn't controlling my sugar intake, I think I could finish this whole thing on my own.

** Overall, I loved their changes. Hits and misses definitely have, as taste was indeed subjective, but the new dishes did impressed me, especially the freak cakes. There were more items awaiting for us to try them out so I will be back for sure! Heard that Montana's Christmas menu out soon! Stay tuned **

📍 Montana Singapore
1 Selegie Road
POMO Mall, Unit 02-25
Singapore 188306
Opens daily
Mon to Thurs 11.30am - 9.30pm
Fri 11.30am - 10.30pm
Sat 9am - 10.30pm
Sun 9am - 9.30pm


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