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For this upcoming Mother's day, have you made plans? You might consider bringing your dearest mummy for dinner at The Peranakan. Their Mother's Day menu, priced at $200 for 4pax, additional headcount at $50 each. We had 10 of us that night therefore portions were according to our group size. Available only on 13 & 14 May 2017, reservations is required.

As introduced by the Exec. Chef Raymond Khoo, all the dishes presented here were from authentic recipes handed down from his family. Although I'm a Hokkien and I never been to any Peranakan restaurant previously, I'm totally immersed in the decor all round the restaurant. With cultural displays, Peranakan costumes, tiffins placed throughout the whole place, it's an "eye opener" for me. I have high hopes on the food coming later.

We were served with 2 varieties of soup to start with, namely the Sup Bakwan Kepiting and Itek Tim, together with dried shrimp rolls as snacks.

[1] Sup Bakwan Kepiting


The soup may looked light but it was a surprise. This clear broth extracted from poultry, seafood and bamboo shoots gave the natural sweetness yet non-oily finish. The 2 meatballs made up of crabmeat, pork, prawn were so flavorful and yummy too!

[2] Itek Tim

As for this duck soup steamed with kiam chye (preserved vegetables) and sour plums, broth was savory but too salty for my liking. The duck meat I had in my bowl was a little dry and tough too. I would prefer the former.

Next on the menu was a rice dish. It was all "wows" when served because it came in a shape of a heart :)

[3] Nasi Ulam Istimewa

An interesting rice dish prepared at room temperature. Chef Khoo told us to consume this rice as soon as possible because of all the raw herbs mixed within, not recommended to be left in the open for too long. 

Love the lemongrass burst in every mouthful of rice and crunch from the raw long bean. Together with rojak flowers, tumeric leaves, kaffir lime, minced fish and salted fish, this was definitely the dish that will make your palate curious yet amazed with.

[4] Sambal Pisang Jantung

Pisang Jantung, which meant "banana heart" in malay, was the key ingredient to this dish. Using only the white "sprout-like" blossoms inside the bud, texture was like eating orange daylily. With other spices tossed together, i felt like eating a sourish, mild spicy salad. 

It's recommended to scoop some pisang jantung onto the emping keropok, topped with a prawn and popped whole thing into the mouth. The bitterness from the cracker somehow balances the overall taste and made this dish more pleasant to eat with.

After the 2 unique dishes, we finally came to my favourite food of the night, babi (pork) asam. Only available in this Mother's Day menu, I bet you wouldn't wanna miss it.

[5] Babi Asam

Pork belly chunks were slow braised in assam resulting in this plate of tender meat with melt in the mouth fat layers in-between. Marinates fully absorbed into the meat and every bite was so flavourful. Each and everyone of us couldn't stopped at the first piece, not even the second, I guessed we need more servings of these porky! And the gravy, great with rice. Oh nomnomnom...

[6] Telur Goreng Chinchalok

A common fried egg omelette which did not catch much of my attention. Simple comfort food which my mum would have prepared for me back at home. The highlight here was the chinchalok melaka paired together. The pungent taste from chinchalok enhanced the flavour of the bland egg but not everyone can accept the unique taste. It's either you love it or hate it.

It's also delicious to go with the homemade sambal belachan chilli, it was so good that we asked for repeated servings.

[7] Udang Masak Nenas

Fresh prawns cooked in tamarind gravy together with pineapple slices. The sweet tangy aftertaste was like tom yum to me but of a sweeter side. Prawns were very fresh and firm when bite, it's a dish suitable for all ages including young children.

[8] Ayam Buah Keluak

I have always heard about buah keluak, from a poisonous tree originally, but never tasted one. After hearing Chef Khoo telling us the tedious process to prepare the buah keluak (seeds), it made me cherish every bit of it. Soaking plus cleansing them for continuously 5 days, then dug out all the "black gold" inside the buah keluak to blend and insert back in. These complicated steps resulted in a smooth keluak paste in the shells and kept for cooking.

This ayam (chicken) dish we enjoying today was "curry rendang-like" but not spicy. The flavours of the buah keluak blends nicely with the chicken and made this dish really flavourful. My first time trying and loving it. The buah keluak paste was velvety, tasted like dark chocolate to me or rather like truffle of the nyonya world, so good which made every one round the table snatching for them! 

We have come to the final savory dish of the Mother's Day menu.

[9] Bittergourd Asam Busok

Bittergourd was slow cooked with long beans and salted fish in assam  to give that nice tangy, sourish taste. Bitter gourd was almost "melt in the mouth" texture and frankly, it totally had none bitter taste. If you don't tell me, I would have thought it was some sort of melon.

Dunk the freshly made fried dough fritters into the assam to soak up the gravy as the fritters tasted better that way.

After the above 9 dishes, we were so full already. I kept a small space for the Apom Bokwa Pisang dessert but it wasn't available. Item was replaced by kueh dah dah.

I've concluded my dinner with a pot of milk tea.

[10] Malacca Milk Tea at $6.50

I'm not a milk tea person but LOVE this malacca version so much! Thank you fellow foodies for telling me how nice it was. The tea fragrance was irresistible, texture smooth and silky. Served in those 茶餐厅 metal pots and english teacups, so feel. You should try their soursop drink too, very refreshing.

It was indeed a beautiful dinner with fellow foodies. Although I couldn't tell how authentic the dishes were but I'm pretty sure that the chef and his team put in a lot efforts. Plus the whole ambience filled with Peranakan breath, it was really cozy in here. 

By the way, if you're still not full after all the dishes served, do try out their Gila Durian desert platter at $38.00 per pax and minimum 2 to go.

Gila Durian Platter includes:
  • Toasties with Durian Purée
  • D24 Durian Pengat with Gula Melaka
  • Pandan Chiffon Cake with D24 and Kampung Durian Purée
  • Pulot Enti D24 (Tumeric leaves)
  • Fragrant Rice with Mao Shan Wang Durian
  • D24 Durian Chendol
  • Crispy Fish Skins
  • Freeflow Lemongrass/Pandan Tea

The Peranakan
442 Orchard Road
Unit 02-01 Claymore@Connect
Singapore 238879
Tel: 62624428
Opens daily 11am - 10pm

Nearest Mrt: Orchard


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