Affordable Chinese Dishes at Ubi

[Pan Zhong Wu]

Situated inside a coffeeshop at a busy estate surrounded by industrial/factories, Pan Zhong Wu (盘中屋) had the advantages of drawing quite a number of crowd to their stall but at the same time, there's quite a number of competitors surrounding him.

Pan Zhong Wu (盘中屋) started operations from last year November, fully family owned. The boss, Mr Alex Lim, started off as a chef, then to logistics and now back to F&B line. When asked Alex why he decided to start F&B again, he said no particular reason because he just felt like doing it again (ermm..what a chic answer! 潇洒!). He also mentioned to us that all his 4 kids have grown up already so he have not much of worries anymore.

We started off with ordering of their recommended dishes, also their signatures as told by Alex. The first to come was the tofu dish.

[1] Signature Iced Beancurd $6/$12 small

Head chef made this tofu himself. Tofu texture was smooth and slippery. Together with the fried shallots and dried shrimps scattered on top, it was a nice, light dish to start off with. Gravy below was light sauce, fragrant and tasted similar to "油浸" oil steeping style. The puzzled part was the name of this dish. It totally had no elements linked to "iced". When we asked the head chef about it, he said it was named randomly. My goodness!

Next, we had the promfret fish, it was my most loved dish that night.

[2] Signature Sambal Promfret $60/kg (Seasonal Price) Our portion 550gm 

The boss's homemade dried chilli was really good, tastes like the flavourful "kam hiong" style but slightly spicier. Scattered on top of the fish, the fragrance from the spices was irresistible and made me unstoppable. Promfret fish (斗昌) was meaty and fresh which I felt a little pity or rather wasteful when it was used for deep frying instead of steaming. Boss Alex believes, the using of a good fish species will enhance the overall taste.

[3] Smoked Crabs with Bacon $38/kg
Each crab 600-700gm (Our portion 1.4kg)

Newly launched item on the menu. Using a different cooking style by putting smoked bacon bits and loads of whole garlic to cook these crabs. Compared with the usual chillied, black pepper or salted egg yolk ones, this cooking style resulted in lighter tasting crabs.

A pity all the flavours were only on the surface shells, none on the flesh though. But crab meat were indeed fresh and firm. Love the savoury touch from the bacon and for those we love garlic, do not miss these on the plate. They were so good, you tot you're eating potatoes!

The other recommended dish by Alex was stir fried kangkong. 

[4] Signature Kangkong in Claypot $8/$12/$16 Small

I only had one impression of it which was SALTY! It's too salty and all of us couldn't have it plain, definitely a dish to go with plain white rice. Tasted like fermented beancurd was the main character but Alex told us it was not. Nevertheless, this dish didn't set an impression although it's a recommended one.

[5] Crispy Pumpkin (Salted Egg) $12/$18/$24 Medium

Crispy pumpkin was the other dish that's worth mentioning. Batter was very crispy, even when it turned cold after we took so many shots of it. Batter nicely and evenly coated with salted egg, every piece was indulgence! We finished off the whole plate in a blink second.

[6] Pork Ribs with Marmite $12/$18/$24 Small

Pork ribs were very well marinated. Meat was still tender when presented but somehow I felt it was rather common dish on the table.

[7] Fried Mee Sua $5/$8/$12 Medium

Specially ordered by a friend who loved to do noodle lifting shots. Okok, IKR! 

Texture of this plate of fried mee sua was al dente. It wasn't our usually smooth silky mee sua cos these were pre-deep fried. I quite like it as it was more fragrant than our usual fried bee hoon or noodles. Fully loaded with lotsa ingredients, it was worth ordering.

We ended our night with hot pippin' tea at the coffeeshop after so much food. Generally, the food wasn't too bad. Great place for dinner with family or get-together with friends. Pricing here was reasonable too. The only bad ion here was; the boss Alex couldn't take negative reviews/comments.

Pan Zhong Wu 盘中屋
Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1
ACX food court, Unit 01-09
Singapore 400302
Tel: 85752272/ 91217272
Opens daily 11am - 10pm

(This was an invited tasting. Thank you Pan Zhong Wu for hosting).


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