The Naked Finn- Simple yet Impressive

[The Naked Finn]

My very first visit to The Naked Finn was on my mother-in-law's birthday dinner. Situated at Gilman Barracks, the greenery environment was relaxing as we were surrounded by the force of nature.

Walking into the restaurant, we were greeted by friendly staff and brought to our seats without delay. Woody furniture were used in this glass restaurant, with simplicity wall of greens on kitchen side, overall was cosy. We were pretty honored to have the boss, Ken, with us and introducing their signature dishes. Fresh seafood was the highlight here.

Among all the dishes we tried, none disappoint us. Namely Lobster Bisque, Water Spinach, Wild Caught Baby Indian Squid, Littleneck Clams, farmed Yesso Scallops, Orh Lua, locally farmed Barramundi, Urugavian Lobsters, Giant Tiger Prawns and Gamba Carabinero. I shall tell you guys about the dishes that impressed me more.

Sakura Ebi Beehoon

  • Pretty, right? It's yummy too. Served chilled, tossed with special sauce, these rice vermicelli were refreshing. Squeeze in the lime to up the game further. The zesty hint made you go for more till the last strand in the bowl.

Wild Caught Baby Indian Squid

  • Grilled on cast iron griddle with extra virgin olive oil. You don't need any fancy cooking styles or recipes for fresh seafood! These babes good on its own, with that char-grilled aftertaste. You may want to dip them in the sambal belachan chilli provided but I preferred the former.

Wild Caught New Zealand Littleneck Clams

  • Juicy, plump clam meat flambeed in white wine. Beautifully drizzled with barramundi stock, olive oil and fragrant scallops. Without any over-powering seasonings, the natural sweetness made me popped more than half the portion on the plate.

Orh Lua

  • Introducing this special "Orh Lua" to you all. Looked like our usual oyster omelette but this was uniquely prepared with squid innards. Pan fried till crispy, with wok hei aftertaste, this was so good! You wouldn't want to miss this if you're here.

Last but not least, was Gamba Carabinero.

  • Wild caught from deep sea of Spain, these sexy babes were fresh and flesh so sweet. Slowly grilled over sea salt, this natural back to basics way of enjoying these babes was best! Look at the roe!! Umami!!

We ended our dinner with desserts made in-house, Naked Cendol and Red ruby. Boss told us all the ingredients were made from scratch. From the greenie cendol strips packed with pandan goodness to the coconut sorbet and the red rubies (water chestnut). I also loved the idea of pairing jackfruit with the red ruby dessert. Wowww! They were definitely worth the calories.

I would surely step foot here again. I love how the fresh ingredients were handled here. With no fancy cooking style nor plating, it's all about natural goodness and simplicity. Thumbs up! Set dinner from S$138.00 onwards. Heard that their prawn noodle soup in the lunch set menu was superb too, I must come try!

The Naked Finn
39 Malan Road
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109442
Tel: 66940807
Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch 12noon - 3pm

Dinner 6pm - 10pm (Fri - Sat till 10.30pm)


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