Local Braised Pork Rice

[Mr Lorbak]

Last weekend, while I brought my in laws out for lunch at my favourite prata spot in Ubi, we saw a short queue at its neighbouring stall. It was a stall selling local style lor bak png (braised meat/ 卤肉饭) which I seen on a few occasions but didn't try out. My in laws were interested to try it cause seeing the queue so I bought for them to kill their curiosity.

There were quite a number of articles pasted on the pillar regarding this stall, Mr Lorbak. The boss, Mr William Liou, quit his job to join in the hawker hype and continues his grandmother's family recipe to create lor bak (braised meat).

In each bowl, there's quite a generous portion of braised pork belly, 03 small chinese mushrooms, some black fungus and a braised egg. Additional add ons of preserved vegetable, tau pok (beancurd skin), braised peanuts, mushrooms at $0.50 per portion. For a price of $3.50, it was really a steal.

But.. We didn't like the taste though. Pork was well marinated but there's a particular spice (I suspect it's cinnamon or something tangerine) heavily used in the cooking which caused the aftertaste of it unpleasant. Meat was not melt-in-the-mouth, with pork shreds stuck in my tooth, thus the disappointment to this first experience. It also irritates me when meat wasn't tender enough yet the boss didn't properly cut it through (video 4). Try the meat with the chilli sauce, it had a tom yum aftertaste which I felt improves the overall taste. As for the mushrooms, it soaked up so much of the bitter braised gravy we couldn't finish it. My father in law whom seldom complain about food, talked a lot this time.. Ha ha..

Have any of you guys tried before? What's your verdict? 🤔 Not sure if I will come back for this lor bak png but the price and the generous portion was the selling point, I felt. Kudos to William whom wanted to keep this family recipe although it wasn't to our likings. Nevertheless, in this same coffeeshop, prata and chicken rice were good too so you might want to pop by.

Mr LorBak
Blk 350 Ubi Ave 1
Singapore 400350
Wed to Monday 11am - 8pm

(Close on Tuesday)


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