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Who don't know Old Chang Kee (OCK)? With their on-the-go deep fried snacks so popular among commuters since 1956, having outlets at all major malls and Mrt stations now, they were like part of our daily life already. I definitely pick up a stick or two and also a curry puff whenever i passed by OCK. 

At present, Old Chang Kee had continued to extent their f & b network into other related businesses like Bun Times and Curry Times. As the name says it all, Bun Times had a variety of popular bun choices such as hae bee hiam, otah, curry chicken, coconut and many more for you to choose from and Curry Times specializes in curry dishes made to suit our local tastebuds with curry chicken as their signature item. Curry Times has recently improvised their menu and is more extensive now. I’m glad that my friends and I were invited to their media tasting where we savored many dishes.

We were served with Homemade Ngo Hiang ( 3 rolls) $8.20, Cold Tofu with century Egg $7.50 and Sambal 
Petai $7.90 for a start. The sambal petai was so good it was wiped out in seconds!

The 3 mains that I wanted to highlight were Signature Curry Chicken ($14.90 for sharing portion), Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken ($11.90) and Dry Laksa Goreng ($8.50).

Why I love their curry chicken because it tasted like home, like how my mummy will prepare for me. Curry, made up by blending many spices and chilli, this version with a good spicy kick was definitely a memorable one. I wish I had toast to soaked up all the gravy! As for the nasi lemak, highlight was the rice. It was so delicious. Fully packed with coconut fragrance, you wouldn’t stop digging in. Dry laksa goreng was legit too. Although without the usual Laksa gravy but every strand of beehoon still nicely covered with spices and laksa leaves. The number of prawns given were generous too!

We were introduced to many other dishes too from the extensive menu such as Curry Chap Chye $6.20, Curry Chicken Noodle Soup (Thick Bee Hoon) $8.50, Traditional Beef Brisket (Sharing 2-3pax w/o sides) $15.90, Sambal Chicken Super Drum Rice $8.50, Seaweed Sauce Fish Fillet Rice $8.90, Chicken Maggi Goreng $8.50 and Chicken Vegetables Soup (ABC Soup) $10.90 but curry ones were still my top priority.

Kids have their choice of food in this newly revamped menu. Healthier choices and pocket friendly set meals available now. We tasted 02 kids menu, Kids set meal A $6.90 with Sweet & Sour Chicken Cutlet Rice, Vegetable Soup, Soya Milk and set meal D $6.90 with Tomato Chicken Cheese Baked Rice, Vegetable Soup And Soya Milk. The flavours were lighter compared to adult food which was a plus point and my only complain was there were too much ginger in the baked rice. I don’t think kids will like so much ginger in their food. Not forgetting to mention about the soya milk in kids meals which to me was a better beverage choice with lotsa nutrients in it.

Finally we have come to desserts. Among all the desserts we had, most votes goes to Bubur Cha Cha $5.00. It was pretty in looks with colored sago jellies, yummy sweet potato cubes and taro. Not overly sweet while having that nice coconuty fragrance. Coconut with Aloe Vera & Ice Jelly $5.00 was good too! Chilled and refreshing, great for cleansing our palates after so much heavy food. The rest of the desserts were Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts $4.00, Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk $4.00, Chendol $4.00.

This dinner experience at Curry Times was a good one. The restaurant environment was cosy and staff were very attentive. Mains definitely flared better than desserts, especially the curry dishes. I would definitely pop by again for their curry chicken and bring my family along too.
Curry Times
Novena Square (Velocity)
238 Th├Âmson Road
Unit 02-33/34/41/42
Singapore 307683
Daily 9am - 10pm

Also available at:
West Gate
Changi Airport Terminal 3 & 4
Northpoint City

[This was an invited tasting at OneKM mall but outlet has closed. Please visit their other available branches. Thank you Curry Times for hosting]


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