Daegweol: Korean Comfort Food in CBD area


Along the stretch of shophouses on Tras street, was this newly opened korean restaurant, Daegweol. Taking over the space of May May Restaurant, Daegweol now joined in the fierce competition with other korean restaurants around the Tanjong Pagar vicinity.

A 45-seater restaurant with marble furniture, it’s a pretty cozy venue for meals. I was pretty amazed when the restaurant manager introduced us to the chef, Ms Yoni. Ms Yoni, 23 year old, from Busan. Look at her! I thought she’s from those korea girl pop group..

Ok, enough said. Let’s talk about their food. Among all the dishes I’ve tried, my votes goes to the Haemui Sundubu (Seafood tofu soup) $26.00 and Bibimbab (Korean rice bowl) $20.00. 

Both were comfort food which made me felt at home. Especially the Haemui Sundubu, enjoyed it hot and it warms up my tummy. Best time to enjoy this is on a cold or rainy day. I love the silkly smooth tofu and freshness of seafood which made me kept digging in till the bottom.

Weight watchers can go for Daegweol’s Bibimbab. Ideal portion of rice topped with a little minced pork, seasoned cucumber slices, carrot slices, egg slices, bean sprouts and seaweed. Lightweight yet refreshing, this sweet and mild spicy taste was pretty enjoyable. The chef also insisted not to put any raw egg in the center because she said it will make the rice too soft and sticky. 

Another crowd pleaser was the Galbi-Tang $26.00. Beef short ribs cooked with radish, leek and topped with stripped sliced eggs. Although I don’t take beef, but I witnessed the meat fall off bone easily.. It must be very tender!

Other dishes our group tried were SuYuk, DweaJi-GukBap and Saeng Seon Gui. 

SuYuk ($24/$30/$36)
Boiled pork with kimchi, was served with Cabbage. Method of eating: Wrap a slice of pork with lettuce, together with korean bean paste and some kimchi, thereafter pop the whole thing into your mouth! Shiok! You could also wrap in the side dishes, such as the shredded cuttlefish or anchovies to perk up the flavours. But I suggest that the restaurant could use pork that have more fats so that it will be more tender in texture. These were too tough for my teeth.

DweaJi-GukBap $26.00 was Pork bone soup boiled with pork, chives and korean chilli which wasn’t really impressive too. The soup that came with the set was too salty for me. “Chin chia loh” (fermented shrimps) served on the side was meant to be added in if the soup was too bland but it’s totally unnecessary.

Saeng Seon Gui, which meant Korean grilled fish, tasted ordinary thus common. Portion was also too little for $24.00.

You should try their Hong-cho after all the food. It’s Pomegranate Vinegar drink that could cleanse your palates and improve your digestive system for more desserts thereafter. It’s going for $4.00 a cup.

Lastly, we were introduced to korean all time favourite dessert, Bingsu! We had 2 in total. InJeolmi Bingsu was a must order because it’s so-called their “traditional” bingsu, going for $12.00 a bowl. Iced milk flakes with mixed grain powder, Injeolmi (korean rice cakes), red bean paste and almond slices. Served with ice cream and condensed milk. I love this mixed grain powder that they used. Texture was really fine and filled with very nice wheat fragrance. The red bean paste wasn’t overly sweet too, all elements paired up really well. 

The other choice we selected was the Mixed Melon Bingsu $12.00. Initially I thought mixed melon meant honeydew and rock melon but Daegweol combined rock melon and watermelon instead. Pretty in appearance, refreshing in taste but I would prefer without the strawberry syrup. It was good enough with the ice cream and condensed milk.

Overall experience at Daegweol was pretty good. All the staff were polite, attentive and sure know all their dishes well when we popped questions. There’s definitely hits and misses in the food, morever taste was rather subjective but I love this cozy, relaxing atmosphere where I could dine at ease. I would recommend this place to folks that love non-fancy dishes but comfort food that taste like home.

65 Tras Street
Singapore 079004
Tel: +65 62221828
Mon to Sat
(Lunch) 11.30am - 3.00pm
(Dinner) 6.00pm - 10.30pm


  1. Totally disappointed. 

    Ordered a bowl of white rice. The waitress came with red rice and asked if it is okay with us. We were fine. Except that when we lifted the cap of the rice bowl there was a stench of sour rotteness from the red rice. When confronted the waitress grinned knowingly. 
     The promegrante vingar drink was serve with a bug in it. 

    The staff gave us a feeling of being cheated. 


    I feel that your blog post is decieving, reflecting only the restaurant's treatment for the food blogger and not customers' experiences.

    Please change your perspective.

    March 3, 2018 2pm

    1. Hi, sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. I will feedback to the restaurant but do not say that my blogpost was deceiving. I wrote according to my experience there at point of time and based on my own tastebuds and preferences. Never did I hear any other negative feedbacks from any other form of media or readers too, other than yours. So please be patient and give them another chance. I believed your feedback to the restaurant at the point of your visit will definitely give them a heads up. Thank you for informing. Have a great week ahead.


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