Guschlbauer Singapore- Are you up for some cheesy games?

[Guschlbauer Singapore]

Guschlbauer has finally landed in Singapore. First shop at Waterway Point and its so near my house. My virgin experience with it. As it was their new opening, they gave away 500 free buns each day from 9-11 March. It caused a super long Q around their shop.

Oh well, time is money for me that’s why I didn’t queue for the free bun. Not wasting that 1-2hrs in queue just for a bun, I bought 2pcs and paid $5.80 each. Staff informed me only after I made the payment, that 30mins wait was needed before I could get my hands on them (oh gosh) so why bother the separate queue?? I waited patiently at Ya Kun Kaya Toast while sipping my kopi O and ironically saw their toast set were all below $5.00. For your information, I waited an hour in total for these 2 paid buns because they can’t manage the crowd.

I bought the Original Cheese bun and Chocolate Cheese bun. Cheese fillings was generous, creamy but on the sweet side. Chocolate flavour was a lot more sweeter so sweet-toothies will love them, but not me. 

Surprised that the bread was a little dry and texture coarse, I expected it more soft and fluffy though. Lucky the creamy fillings complimented well. It could be a nice, expensive afternoon snacks with tea. As told by the staff, the bread was made at central kitchen and delivered here, so I guessed they couldn’t keep up with the quality.

Morever, I thought the buns would be at least a quarter-sized slice of bread from the whole but I think mine was only about a 1/5?! Definitely pricey for $5.80 per slice, you know lah typical Singaporeans. $5.80 I can get other bread/food at a bigger portion. Unless there’s promotion going on, otherwise I don’t think I will purchase it again in short period. But do give it a try to experience this highly raved bread. There were other choices of normal/ cheese bread loaves available
for purchase at the stall if you prefer to spread it with traditional kaya.

Guschlbauer Singapore
83 Punggol Central 
Waterway Point
West Wing, Unit 01-K16
Singapore 828761
Daily 10am till Sold Out


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