Fatty Thai Wanton Noodles

[Fatty Thai]

Chanced upon this Fatty Thai wanton noodles stall at this Luk Lu eating house while my hubby was there to eat braised duck rice. Should I say happy or sad because to his disappointment, duck rice was sold out but this gave us the opportunity to try out the wanton noodles.

Expect to see quite a big crowd infront of this noodle stall, ordering and waiting for their food. Started only last November 2017, this wanton mee stall had already have its own group of regulars who would just recite “order 依样/照旧” to the man taking orders. Don’t be turned off by the queue, maned by two young lads behind the stall, their movements were fast and swifty.

My hubby ordered the large portion of wanton mee at $5.00, there’s also a smaller plate at $4.00 but he knew it wasn’t enough for him. You could ask to add ingredients (加料) at additional costs of $1.00-$2.00 each plate.

On their menu, there’s also Thai style Pig Trotters, selling at $5.00 (small)/ $7.00 (big). If you’re a fan for rice rather than noodles, you could have it at $0.50 a bowl.

Enough said so TUCK IN!!!

The noodle texture was al dente, with base tossing sauce of mainly pork lard oil, it was pretty good. Every bite you could taste the lard oil so it’s not suitable for weak-hearted!! (Pssst... but I LOVE IT) 

For the wantons, personally preferred the deep fried ones because of the crispiness and crunch. Fillings were firm, not mushy and had a hint of peppery aftertaste.

Pork trotters were nicely braised as the marinations had penetrated through the skin to the bones. Meat so tender and the melt-in-the mouth fats were irresistible. I would not say theirs was similar to those I had in Thailand but definitely worth a visit down here to try out Fatty Thai’s own unique take on their Thai style wanton noodles and pork trotters. Try them out if you’re around this area and share with me your verdicts :)

Come earlier to avoid disappointment as they were sold out shortly after my Hubby ordered. It’s was around 1pm and lunch hours yet to pass. Many potential customers left disappointed with hungry tummies.

Fatty Thai
341 Beach Road
Luk Lu Eating House (Coffeeshop)
Singapore 199567
Mon to Sat 9am to 3pm (or till Sold Out)
Closed on Sun & PH.

🚇 Nearest Mrt Station: CC5 Nicoll Highway



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