Food & Hotel Asia 2018

[Food Hotel Asia 2018]

My first experience with Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) this year held over at Singapore Expo Hall 1 to 10 and Suntec Convention. It was the biggest FHA exhibitions this year 2018 and it was an eye opener for me. With more than 4000 exhibitors over 70 countries, including Singapore, there were 06 specialized sectors for attendees to explore. Namely “Speciality Coffee & Tea”, “Food & Drinks”, “Bakery & Pastry”, “Food Svc & Equipment”, “Hospitality Style” and “Hospitality Technology”. There was a mobile app created for this event to keep us updated and pre-registration gave me the privillage to save $80.00 entrance fees.

Definitely food and coffee sections interest me most but I’m also amazed with machinery that could make dim sum and bread in ala minute.. “Putt Putt Putt Putt” one by one lined up in a straight row, it made work so much easier. Productivity improved but of course, handmade still best lah. Pastry tart shells and colorful cones were on display too.

The 6 hours’ walk made me witnessed many chio (pretty) coffee machines too! Some had baristas behind them making great coffees for visitors to enjoy and rest our feet, at the same time understand more about their coffee beans and machines. I even got a coffee from local winner Barista, Terrence, whom represents Tad Coffee. So blessed.

My coffee preference was still chocolatey nutty, less acidic although most specialty coffee were acidic, what about you? The recent trend also had many different types of flavoured syrups added into the coffee. Fancy but to me, less healthy because they were too sweet. Ok, let’s talk more food!

Roaming around the exhibit halls, you could also see cooks and pastry chefs from all over the world doing cooking demo with the frozen food brands, sundries goods and ingredients they representing. There were freshly made breads, cakes, pastas, chocolates, snacks and gelato too! I tried so many gelato and softserve ice cream. Some were good but some overly sweet. 

I saw a number of local celebrity chefs “in-actions” at some counters too. Most of the stalls provide samples so do try out their products.

Other than supporting our own home grown local brands, Tea and Confectionery from Japan and Taiwan were my love too! 虫草咖啡 (Cordyceps Militaris Drip Coffee), Black Fungus juice, Onion crackers, Onion Basil cookies, Preserved fruits, Handmade Nougats, Wasabi Prawn Crackers, Houjicha Latte, Green Tea, Japanese cookies, Korean sweets etc etc.. Irresistable, yummy but sadly, most of them not on sale in Singapore yet. I deliberately went back on the last day of FHA in order to purchase the Taiwan Onion pastries which I loved most. Many exhibitors were looking for distributors in Singapore.

There were too many stalls and products to mention them all so I just cut them short. Hotel styled cosy bed and exclusive cutlery were on show too! Plates that were super chio but at the same time, pricey! You should come visit the next Food & Hotel Asia in Year 2020 yourself to find out more. There may be opportunities for you! It was a great first experience for me!


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