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[Scissors Paper Stove]

NEW in Serangoon neighbourhood was this tapas bar, Scissors Paper Stove. Situated on the same stretch with the popular “senior” establishments such as King’s Laksa Steamboat, Goki Day Korean BBQ, Ah Seah Teochew Porridge and many more, it’s quite abit of competition.

Scissors Paper Stove, a tapas place with ice cream parlour settings, girls and kids would probably love the ambience as it looked so cheery with bright colored walls and colourful furniture. Tapas were served in tingkats which I felt the idea was creative. Food were generally decent, no wow factors for me yet, probably need some fine-tuning cos putting all fusion elements together doesn’t mean delicious or special. Morever, they were just 2 months old. We visited on May 1st.

Listed below were the individual prices for the tapas but the deal goes like this. Order 2 Tapas for $20.00, 4 for $36.00 and $48.00 for 6 tapas.
Baby Pork Ribs $12.00
Beef Burger $11.50
Beef Skewers $11.50
Calamari $12.00
Chorizo Sausages $11.00
Lamb Kebab $11.00
Pineapple Chicken $10.00
Prawn $12.00
Baby Portobello Mushrooms $8.50
Bruschetta $8.00
Ceviche $11.50 / $7.50 (Vegetarian)
Cheese $7.00
Fruit Salsa $7.00
Pork Belly $12.00
Grilled Squid $12.00
Vegetable Burger $7.50

I felt there’s something amiss somewhere. Imagine the tapas that you chose all fell below $8.50 each, you then won’t benefit from any of the “deal” category. Means, the owners already predicted their customers to choose the higher priced items cos typical Singaporeans.

Our choice of tapas were: Calamari, Beef Skewers, Cheese, Pork Belly, Grilled Squid and Ceviche.

Tapas portions pretty small for price paid and this was the first time I had cured seabass. I don’t know if it’s safe to eat seabass like that unless the fish was really really fresh. If I were to mention the tastier ones, I would say the chilled pork belly and the beef skewers. Pork belly skin were still crackling although it’s a cold dish. As described by my fellow foodies (I don’t consume beef), the beef skewers were pretty well marinated with herbs and paired well with the thai inspired chilli provided. A pity pork ribs and highly raved lamb skewers wasn’t available on the day of our visit (May 1st).

Mains we had the Paella and French Yellow Chicken. Paella comes in individual portion ($28.00) and sharing portion for two ($45.00). Packed with generous ingredients, we almost couldn’t see the rice. There’s Prawns, White Clams, Squid, Mussels, Chicken, Chorizo, Bomba Rice cooked in Seafood and Saffron Bisque. The base bisque used was pretty thick, causing a bitter aftertaste in the finished product.

As for our second main, $32.00 for the flatted, skinny, palm-sized French Yellow Chicken (FYC) was way too expensive. Despite my ignorant for FYC, I still felt that apart from the taste and price, the food you selling must be able to fill up customers’ tummies. They would not step into your shop asking if yours was French, Malaysia or locally farmed chicken what-so-ever. Although the male owner, Jan, told us FYC tasted juicier after cooked compared to other chicken but somehow the reality shown otherwise.

Texture was pretty dry but I agreed that the marination of lemongrass and chilli did worked well for this dish. Apart from the sauce below the FYC, I would suggest the “extra” serving of sambal chilli on the side be served in a proper saucer. Although boss said it’s for customers who preferred more spicy kick but the oil from it had affected the crunchiness of the fries.

Overall experience was ok, although most of the reviews I saw online said good. Coffee was pretty decent and glad that the male boss came over to ask our opinions for overall dining experience. Pretty challenging location but with strong-willed young owners, hope they could gain their regulars soon.

Scissors Paper Stove
No. 9 Teck Chye Terrace
Singapore 545720
Tel: +65 62420021

From 12noon.


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