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Many people told me about how good Mui Kee Congee was in Hong Kong but I totally can’t relate to it because I never visit them when I was there. Basically not going to compare because there’s definite differences when you talk about food from two countries, the ingredients, supplies, all the way down to WATER used. So let’s get on our feet and just talk about Singapore Mui Kee which opened their doors at Shaw Centre. This would be more realistic.

I went with two friends and we were lucky to get the last table available near the door before the dinner crowd came flooding in. Queue formed up quickly outside the shop. The furniture were of simple, grey tabletops and woody chairs. You could see fish displays on the walls and also their signature copper pot. Mahjong tiles made up their cashier counter top and also the small wall outside the door which I find interesting. The whole ambience was noisy and you could hear some customers chit-chatting in Hong Kong accents.

We started our dinner with their Homemade Chrysanthemum Red Dates Tea ($2.50 Hot / $3.50 Cold). It was a pretty good start already. Followed by the Drunken Chicken in Shao Xing Wine ($10.00) which I felt the alcoholic part was mild to get you anywhere but meat was succulent.

Among all the three bowls of congee we ordered, my favourite was the Homemade Pork Meatballs Congee ($9.80) with additional Century Eggs and Innards at $2.00 each portion. The minced pork meatballs were yummy, not overly cooked thus kept the juiciness locked within. We were told not to stir the congee so much too, otherwise congee would turn watery. Dunk in the Crispy Dough Fritters ($2.00) into the congee to enjoy the savory dough with a sweet finish.

The other two congee, namely Alaskan Crab Legs Congee ($22.00) and Threadfin Belly Congee ($18.00), were of “Premium” category. The manager told us the fish slices were cooked over huge fire in a copper pot before the rice grains were added in to get the “wok hei”. Honestly, the “wok hei” as described wasn’t distinctive. Although fish given were of generous thick slices but sweetness not there. Most likely would not order these premium bowls again although Alaskan Crab Legs were sweet. The basic bowl with pork were good enough. Nevertheless, the texture of the congee were smooth and slurppily good for all 3 bowls.

Mui Kee Congee Singapore had a wide menu which included claypot dishes. They were not to be missed too if you were there, especially the Pork Liver with Ginger and Spring Onions ($15.00). The frying time for liver were controlled nicely and they were still slight pinkish, tender when we had it. I love the char-fragrance coming out from the claypots and how they kept our food warm.

Claypot Frog Legs with Ginger and Spring Onions ($22.00) and Claypot Sizzling Kai Lan Vegetables ($10.00) tasted decent whereas the vegetables still had that nice crunch when we chew. Pop the whole garlic like we did to get the wonderful pungent garlicky kick in your mouth!

It’s Happy tummies afterall on a cold drizzling night. Comfort food that I could have many times. We were too full to get any desserts but I would definitely come back to try out other bowls. Thank you Nat for the treat. Last but not least, DON’T ask me about hong kong Mui Kee hor.. :)

Mui Kee Congee
1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre, Unit 01-12
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6737 2422
Tues to Sunday
(Lunch) 11.30am to 3pm
(Dinner) 6pm to 10pm

Nearest MRT: NS22 Orchard


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