Stairway to Sing and Dine Heaven

[7th Heaven KTV & Cafe]

Are you the next K-STAR or hoping to be one someday? It’s totally fine if you’re not because you can come to 7th Heaven KTV to sing it all out using your own style, at your own pace. This was a Paradise for people who loves singing, at the same time enjoying tummy-filling food. Look at the food varieties served here!

Situated inside SAFRA Tampines, I felt I found a hidden GEM! Environment suitable for family with kids, you could “jio” your whole kampung here. Spacious main hall together with KTV rooms that come in different sizes to cater your various group sizes and VIP room can take up to 30pax. Multiple promotions available, with packages that come with/without food. Check them out soon.

Talking about the wide food varieties they had here, we tried the Spam Fries ($10.90) that were topped with Parmesan. Salted Egg Wings ($12.90/ 8pcs) where deep fried mid-wings were drizzled with Homemade Salted Egg Sauce. I love the grainy texture of the sauce while not overly salty. Home baked Mushroom Spinach Quiche ($9.90) that looked ugly but surprisingly quite tasty, especially the crust.

The Lychee Smoked Duck Pizza ($14.90/ $21.90) that we had didn’t leave much impression. What could go wrong with smoked duck and canned lychee? Problem lies with the dough I felt. The more impressive dishes were the Laksa Pasta ($17.90), Mac & Cheese ($15.90) and Pulled Pork Burger ($17.90).

Using Linguine instead of traditional asian thick bee hoon, cooked with Mussels, Prawns and Squids in Homemade Laksa sauce, it was so slurppily good. It had well balanced coconut milk and spices, with a spicy kick that came few seconds after you swallowed it down your throat. Come try it yourself and tell me if you love it like I do.

Please consume the Mac & Cheese while its still hot to get that stretchy cheesy pull. Macaroni oven-baked till perfection, not mushy, paired together with Cheese, Ham, Mushroom, Bacon and a Sunny side up. It was a recommended dish for both adult and kids.

If you’re a burger and fries person, couldn’t consume beef (same as me), then this Pulled Pork Burger was the right thing for you. Slow-cooked till tender, these umami Smoked Pork fillings with Purple Slaw will get your palates dancing. Look at how generous the portion was! Served with Paprika Fries.

As mentioned earlier, I do not consume beef therefore would not comment on the Egg Lava Beef Burger ($17.90). Let my fellow foodies do it but posted the picture here for you guys to salivate.

Did I mention? The coffee and cakes here were awesome too! 7th Heaven KTV and Cafe was really a great all-in-1 place for food, entertainment and coffee breaks. If you yet to make plans for Mother’s day celebrations, you might wanna consider here.

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe
1/A Tampines Street 92
SAFRA Tampines, unit 03-02
Singapore 528882
Tel: +65 6538 0312
Open Daily
Sun to Thurs 11.30am to 1am
Fri/Sat 11.30am to 3am

[This was an invited tasting. Thank you 7th Heaven KTV and Cafe for hosting us.]


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