Unforgettable Char Siew at One Bowl Restaurant

[One Bowl Restaurant & Bar]

Stepping into the nostalgic Sultan Hotel, lies One Bowl Restaurant & Bar just right infront of your eyes. The moment I walked into the restaurant, what catches my eyes first were the oriental soup spoons deco placed all over their wall. Secondly, their tree trunk table tops which were individually unique too and you would not find any duplicate piece. Wooo I love the ambience.

One Bowl started operations on 22 Nov 2017 which was pretty new to the market. Manned by Madam Tammie Loke, the ex-director of LTA, homemade recipes on the menu were mainly by her. She told us she started cooking long before LTA time and she loves to invite family and friends over for food thus we could see her passion in cooking. Although the menu wasn’t extensive but less means more.

We started our dinner without much delay and first came the Fried Mantou wrapped with One Bowl’s Signature char siew ($5.00/ 2pcs) ($12.00/ 6pcs). The Melt-in-the-Mouth char siew made us fell madly in love with it and each of us having 1 piece isn’t enough.

Beautifully caramelized till coated with a layer of sticky glazed, texture tender with balanced proportion of fats, I felt myself in food heaven! If you preferred non-fried version, they have it in Steamed Mantou too!

Next dish, Ngoh Hiang ($13.00), wrapped five-spiced pork with prawn meat in beancurd skin, did not leave much impression. Meat was rather bland and I love those with more water chestnuts in the fillings to have more crunch which this plate doesn’t have. The Braised Tofu with Ginger Sauce ($10.00) that came thereafter tasted ordinary too.

As compared, the Cold Tofu with Pork Floss and Century Eggs ($10.00) was a better choice than the braised one. We enjoyed it chilled with savory touch from the floss.

Chef Tammie surprised us with her trio colored “Pork Trotter Jelly” made in-house which was not on the menu. The natural colors were made up by Carrot Purée and Spinach Purée. By looking at the dish, we were already delighted. Taste was a little bland with texture springy (Q), dipped with the Thai chilli sauce provided to give it more kick.

Mains we had Signature Char Siew Rice ($10.90), Signature Char Siew Noodles ($9.90), Pork Trotters in Vinegar ($11.90) and Claypot Rice ($11.90).

I felt the char siew was unique because fried rice was used instead of steamed white rice. Again we indulged in their Melt-in-the-Mouth Pork Belly, together with egg and fragrant fried garlic rice hidden beneath. I was impressed with the “wok hei” fried rice which made my spoon kept digging in for more.
Fred not if rice were not your fave form of carbo because these caramelized char siew comes with noodles too. Springy, thin eggy noodles that were al dente, tossed with fragrant shallot oil, they were as good as the fried rice version. 

Do not skip the vegetable soup that comes with the noodles. This simple-looking vegetable soup was prepared fresh daily for customers to enjoy everyday. Flavorful with natural sweetness from various vegetables, you wished your mum could cook this good soup!

My virgin experience with Pork Trotters in Vinegar was pretty great, my usual was hokkien style that comes without vinegar. Vinegar not overpowering here while keeping the savory semi-sweet broth that went really well with steamed white rice. In this dish, quite an amount of ginger were added in and it’s good for our bodies. There’s chinese saying it’s supposed to “warm up” our body “Qi”, specially good for women. I don’t mind consuming more. As for the Claypot Rice, it did not impressed me much. I find the taste rather subtle although there’s salted fish and chinese sausages in it.

Among the Desserts we tried, my most love was the Premium Yuzu Sorbet ($3.80 per scoop). Citrusy and refreshing, it cleanses our palette after all the meaty dishes. Aiyu Jelly with Aloe Vera ($4.80), Premium Green Tea and Black Sesame Ice Cream ($3.80 per scoop) were available too if you’re not a yuzu fan.

Dinner experience here was an enjoyable one. Thank you fellow foodie Ivan for extending the invite. Food here had its hits and misses but Signature Char siew definitely a must-try! I will step foot here again to try out other dishes on the menu.

One Bowl Restaurant & Bar
The Sultan Hotel
101 Jalan Sultan, unit 01-02
Singapore 199002
Tel: +65 6291 9020

Opens Daily
7.30am to 3pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
4pm to 10pm (Dinner)
🚇 Nearest Mrt Station: CC5 Nicoll Highway

[This was an invited tasting in April 2018. Thank you One Bowl for hosting us.]


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