Korean Bbq Feast at PUJIM


PUJIM, situated along Amoy Street, was a 2-months old Korean Bbq restaurant. The word “PUJIM” meant Sumptuous / Contented / Bountiful. The owner cum chef, Mr Kim Dae Yo, was a 100% authentic korean from Busan in his late 20s. Being young and adventurous, he researched the market trend and dining crowd of Tanjong Pagar/ Amoy area for 9 whole months before deciding to start his own. So what makes him stand out among all the competitions? Let’s find out.

Stepping into the restaurant, the whole ambience gave us that clean and tidy look, with woody furniture lined up nicely giving a spacious walkway in-between. My friends and I were politely greeted by the staff and shown to our table, followed by the serving of korean side dishes plus the greens needed for wrapping the meat later on. Menu was quite extensive, with different varieties of meat, many korean dishes and also lunch deals.

We started off our meal with 2 pots of Busan Amok Tang ($38.00) and Seafood Soup ($40.00). Amok Tang was made up of Tteokbokki, various types of Fish Cakes, together with Shredded Chives, Carrots and Onions.

I felt it tasted like our local Yong Tau Foo soup, light and with mild sweetness from the ingredients. Suitable for people who can’t take spicy and also kids. It did not impressed me though. The other pot of Seafood Soup suits me better.

This pot of Seafood Soup was filled with generous amount of sea creatures and portion good for sharing among 2-3 friends. There’s Scallops, Flower Crabs, Mussels, White Clams, Fresh Prawns, De-shelled Prawns, Squid Rings etc. The soup was so savory sweet after cooking and somehow reminds me of steamboat soup base. If only I had a piece of ramen noodles, I will dunk it in! The downside was, some of us tasted sand in the soup which I felt the clams may not be cleaned thoroughly.

The Seafood Pancake ($39.00) served next tasted decent but too oily for me. The ratio of spring onions to dough was probably 80:20 which I felt the dough part could increase otherwise it’s like eating stir-fried spring onions.

Ok, here comes the highlights of the night, MEAT! We were served with,

[a] Premium Striploin 300gm ($40.00/ 100gm)

[b] Premium Ribeye Cap (Prawn) 300gm ($43.00 / 100gm)

[c] Beef Brisket 200gm ($18.00/ 100gm)

[d] Iberico Pork Neck 300gm ($20.00: 100gm)

[e] Pork Belly 300gm ($13.00/100gm)

*Note: First order has to be 300gm. Add-ons by per 100gm.

Look at the marbling of the beef! It’s so pretty. Although I’m not a beefy person but these meat caught my eye. And the fats on the pork belly, it’s totally my kind of food.

Owner Kim Dae Yo told us, the cuts of Premium Toriyama Wagyu beef (Grade A4) and Iberico Pork are specially selected so as to give his customers the best. He also mentioned Korean style of cutting the meat was perpendicular, along the grain so as to cut away from the muscle fibers for easier chewing. But in actual fact, it’s not only korean, we locals do it this way too.

PUJIM practices Charcoal Bbq and not electrical cooking therefore every piece of cooked meat carries a nice smoky aftertaste. The melty fats of the pork belly, it made me go for more and unstoppable. How I wished you guys could hear the sizzling! 

You could enjoy the meat on its own to taste the juiciness or with a little salt to bring out more of the natural sweetness. For me, I loved to wrap the Iberico Pork in lettuce, together with some kimchi or garlic slices. It brings down the oiliness abit, while giving you some crunch from the fresh lettuce.

Other than canned drinks and bottled water, Soju and beer were available for sale too. Flavoured Soju going for $15.00 each and Korean Beer Hite at $12.00 each.

Dining experience here was relaxed and an enjoyable one. The factor that PUJIM would stand out among its many competitors here definitely would be the high quality of meat served. It’s meat galore night, your wallet would surely hurt a little but it’s totally worth it. The tables around us mainly were Korean customers so I believed the food here were definitely authentic and homely. It’s now your turn to try out and let me know how you feel about this place. 

PUJIM Restaurant
82 Amoy Street
Singapore 069901
Tel: +65 62241588
Nearest MRT Station: DT18 Telok Ayer OR EW15 Tanjong Pagar

[ This was an invited tasting on 7th August 2018. ] Thank you PUJIM for hosting and Alvin for extending the invite.


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